Bolsonaro crammed to sell jewelry | His assistant, Mauro Cid, will admit the facts to the Brazilian judge

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro denied on Friday that he had ordered his aide-de-camp, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, to sell the jewelry he had been given as a gift. During official trips as head of state.

“I did not send anyone to sell anything,” Bolsonaro said in statements to the press, stressing that Syed, who has been in pre-trial detention since May, has the autonomy to make his decisions. He also tried to defend himself by claiming that the decree, which was in effect until 2021, allowed heads of state to personalize pieces of jewellery, such as watches or necklaces received as gifts.

Expose the truth

far-right leader He made the remarks after Cid’s lawyer, César Bettencourt, told several media outlets that his client was preparing to admit that he had sold the jewelry on the orders of the former president.. The case refers to a group of things of great value that were handed over to the retired captain from the army on official trips to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, and which he should have handed over to the state’s heritage when he left power. According to investigations, Bolsonaro sold some of these gifts through intermediaries, although his aides would have bought them back once the state was asked to return them.

The aide-de-camp’s confession could complicate an already delicate legal situation for Bolsonaro, who is under investigation in various civil and criminal cases. All this also coincides with The last testimony given by a hacker In the Parliamentary Committee to investigate the riots at the beginning of the year, where he accused the far right of seeking his services to try to break into the electronic voting systems, and promised him amnesty if he had problems with justice.

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Bank accounts

Judge of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes authorized the police on Thursday to lift the bank and tax secrecy of the former president and his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro.. The ruling responded to a request from the Federal Police (PF) who wanted to investigate the accounts of both for suspicious transactions and to see if the money obtained from the sale of the jewelry had reached the former head of state. The judge also gave the green light to the PF to demand that the US lift banking secrecy from those investigated who had accounts in that country.

In his recent remarks to reporters, Bolsonaro has stated that he is not concerned about this court order, but admitted that it is a decision that bothers him. his wife Michelle denounced it “It is becoming increasingly clear that this inflated and exaggerated political persecution by the media is aimed at tarnishing my family name and trying to force me to surrender. They are not going to succeed.” He also stated that it was not necessary to lift his banking secrecy and that it was sufficient to ask him because “those who owe nothing fear nothing”.

New detainees

On Friday, the Federal Police and the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an operation against the Military Police Command of the Federal District, which resulted in Half a dozen searches and seven arrests for alleged complicity in the coup attempt January 8th. They include the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Police, Colonel Cletter Rosa Gonçalves, and the former Commander, Colonel Fabio Augusto Vieira.

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The Public Prosecution Office issued a statement asserting that the detainees had neglected their job responsibilities during the invasion, bearing in mind that this force relied on the national government to take over the security of the Ministries Square, the Planalto Palace, the Congress and the Council. Federal Supreme Court.

The investigation found that there was “deep ideological contamination” among the officers of the Military Police in the Federal District and that police chiefs had joined Bolsonarismo with “conspiracy theories about election fraud”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office explained that “according to the evidence available, the defendants had prior knowledge of the risks and deliberately adhered to the expected criminal outcome, thus violating their functional duty to act.”

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