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With the presence of specialists from Villa Constitución, in October the “International Symposium on Ultrasound for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine” will be held in Rosario. Doctors from our city and region will be part of this activity. Registration is open.

Health professionals from Villa Constitución will participate in the “International Symposium on Obstetrics, Gynecology, Ultrasound and Maternal-Fetal Medicine” to be held in Rosario from October 4 to 6, at the Plaza Real Hotel, although the modality will be mixed between in-person and virtual. Dr. Carlos Allegri is also part of the organization, so attendance from Vilnius is important. The meeting is organized by MEDIGEN (a specialized center for ultrasound care, prenatal diagnosis and genetics) and the Fetal Medicine Unit of the British Clinic.

Grupo Del Sur spoke with Dr. Miguel Ariel (Ariel is his nickname), a specialist in diagnostic imaging, Director of Medigen and Director of the Fetal Medicine Unit at the British Sanatorium, who provided details about this very important activity for medicine. . In this regard, he explained that in addition to the two organizing institutions, the event is sponsored “by many official institutions and municipal, regional and national hospitals.” It will be attended by more than 40 speakers from our country and from countries such as the United States, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The doctor added, “In the organization we have colleagues from our region, including the city of Villa Constitution. “For us, this is a very strong commitment.” In addition, he estimated that regarding maternal-fetal medicine “it will be one of the most important events in the country on this topic.” Registration is open and can be done through the page

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New specialty

Regarding the characteristics of maternal-fetal medicine, he explained that “a few decades ago – not long – the fetus constituted a patient. Until recently, obstetrics did not consider the fetus as a patient, but was devoted only to the care and attention of the mother, the pregnant woman, but since that combination, thanks to the very important contribution of technology, especially ultrasound and genetics, “a specific field of development emerges in obstetrics in which It aims to implement prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies for a series of conditions that affect pregnancy and endanger the health of the mother, the fetus, or both.”

Multidisciplinary work

He also specified that it is a multidisciplinary subspecialty “in which geneticists, neonatologists, and pediatric surgeons participate, and among the surgeons there are different specialties such as urological surgeons, neurosurgeons, and others.” In addition to the development of what is fetal surgery, which is a topic that will be discussed with great force in this symposium, and which seems to many to be a kind of fantasy, as it is practiced in our country and in many centers in our country.”

For this reason, the symposium aims to “begin the development of laparoscopic fetal surgery in our region, where a laser or laparoscopic surgery is performed on the fetus, for various deformities or problems that it may suffer from.” We want to transfer all this technological development to the doctors of our region so that they are updated and because this is what our residents deserve.

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The Scientific and Regulatory Committee consists of Dr. Miguel Ariel, Dr. Emilia De Gaetani, Dr. Carolina Zender Denia, Dr. Carlos Alegre and Dr. Joaquín Ponce.

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