Medicine began with training in assessing aptitude

It should be noted that the activity starts from the central lines of training for residencies followed by the College of Medicine, as strategic measures in Axis 1: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Training, from the Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI).

On this occasion, competency assessment is recognized as one of the most sensitive educational and pedagogical components of in-service professional training, to assess professional performance and to further enhance learning. In turn, to improve the quality of institutions through educational interventions.

Therefore, work will be done in the sense of restoring the place of formative evaluation, as a “place” “that generates information regarding the quality of professionals’ performance in training, as well as the health service they provide and the possibilities for learning, reflection and intervention in a timely manner.

From the college, they also mentioned the staff of professionals in charge of the training: Educational Counselor Dr. Patricia Demuth, Director of the Directorate of Human Capital Development in Health in Chaco, Specialist Eduardo Ashit, Under-Secretary of Postgraduate Studies at the School of Specialized Medicine Raul Encinas, Coordinator of the Permanent Health Education Network, Specialist Veronica Soler, Specialist Education Counselor Erica Sanchez and Specialist Marcelo Alegre, Graduate Instructor.

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