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World Migratory Bird Day aims to raise awareness about the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. In Central America there are different places that allow seeing many birds at the same point, such as Buenaventura in Panama or eastern El Salvador.

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he World Big Day or World Migratory Bird Day (WMD) It is a global campaign aimed at raising awareness about the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.

Generally, WMBD Day is celebrated on two dates: the second Saturday in May (11 in 2024) in North America and the second Saturday in October (12 in 2024) in Mexico and Central and South America. To be consistent with the periodic migration patterns of birds in the two different hemispheres.

However, on May 11, we invite you to be part of this event through virtual reality. Just spend a few minutes looking for and finding the birds Register them through the application. “Your feedback helps us better understand global bird populations through products like the animated abundance maps provided by eBird Science,” says one of the entities that promotes the day and keeps a tally of the nation’s sighted species.

Let us remember that every year, birds travel thousands of kilometers to search for places to breed, feed and rest. Even during migration Birds play a major role in the environment, including pest control, Pollination and economic benefits through bird watching.

Insects, migratory bird day slogan

Its theme for 2024 is insects, and it will focus on highlighting the vital role insects play in the lives of migratory birds. It will also highlight concerns about declining insect populations and the potential impact it could have on these travellers.

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As we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day 2024 and adopt the theme “Insects”We can raise awareness about the complex relationships between migratory birds, insects and their shared environment, inspire collective action towards conservation, and highlight the entity.

The importance of World Migratory Bird Day lies in its ability to raise awareness about the challenges faced by migratory birds during their dangerous journeys.

WMBD promotes knowledge exchange and coordination of conservation efforts across borders.

This campaign is a joint effort between the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wildlife (CMS), the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterfowl Agreement (AEWA), Environment of the Americas, and EAAFP. The addition of EAAFP to this partnership will enhance the engagement and awareness of migratory birds in the migration route between East Asia and Australia.

Buenaventura, a paradise place for bird watching

Panama is more than just a place to see three cities in the same tour or do shopping and business tourism, the nation hides a paradise worth discovering. Two hours away from city Panama is Buenaventura, the beach that allows you to explore natureIts birds play melodies every morning, making it ideal for green tourism.

in Buenaventura You can see herons, ibis and storks, as well as brown pelicans and seagulls.. In the sand on its beaches you will see sandpipers (Sunderlings).

This place is on the call Pacific RivieraHome to a variety of full-service resorts, golf courses and water sports.

If you’re looking to disconnect from the city, this is the perfect place Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resortis listed as one of the most luxurious and elegant beach resorts in the world.

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Listen to the birdsong in this video taken from the balcony of one of the hotel rooms, which is part of the Marriott hotel group

From this place, you can take a tour to watch birds with an expert, who will help you visualize and understand them, know their names, and learn about their feathers, characteristics, and songs. On one tour you can see up to 10 to 15 different species.

The advantage of this place for bird watching is that it always remains wet.

Along with birds there are crocodiles, turtles and other species typical of these places. There are also squirrels.

Honduras, a paradise place

Nature tourism is also being promoted in Central America, with countries such as Honduras and El Salvador offering (private) tours to watch birds, such as the Coa de Bosque Seco, which has a red belly, a white stripe across its breast and a shiny green breast. When they sit their tailbone often protrudes. Inconspicuous, remains motionless for long periods while searching for insects. The song is a series of descending barks.

In Honduras, there is also Big Honduras Day, an attempt to promote the passion for bird watching.

On 6 April 2024, over 30 bird watchers from 8 departments joined together with the aim of recording the highest number of species in a single day and discovered 317 species and 5,026 individuals reported.

What do I need to see birds?

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