They are launching a free online course on Reimagining the Future of Museums

‘Reimagining museums’: call for meetings between the Center for Research in Museums and Galleries at the University of Leicester (UK) and TyPA opens August 7 (Getty Images)

The experience of the University of Leicester Museums and Galleries Research Center (UK) and the educational management track for TyPA Foundation from Argentina are gathering to offer a free online course, “Reimagining Museums,” which registration begins August 7.

The course, which seeks to take an engaged look at the future of museums and their social purposes, will last six weeks, is asynchronous, and is delivered through the FutureLearn platform, TyPA reported.

The format includes various resources such as videos, articles, conferences, podcasts, and discussions among participants, to rethink the vision of cultural spaces and to reveal their potential as detectors of emerging social patterns.

Through different strategies, we point to the evidence of how the museum has begun to expand as a platform capable of assuming a frontal role in favor of the dignity of the communities that define it,” the organizers point out.

He adds that the course presents the museum as a “socially responsible agent of change, facing the challenges that demand of us today.”

Museums Reimagined course, by the Typa Foundation and the University of Leicester Museums and Galleries Research Centre

From the first week, the gaze is directed to the emerging and socially engaged practice of museums in Latin America and the world, to recognize the potential of the new methods put to the test. During the second and third weeks, the conceptual foundations underpinning the new concept of the museum are laid: from emphasizing that the museum is not neutral, to analyzing the space that the museum constructs socially.

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Weeks four and five tackle practical examples of community engagement and co-production of content and introduce basic ethical frameworks for management. Last week, the issue of the activist museum is based: how the idea of ​​a museum can be built in the constant renewal of meaning, with a clear social purpose, modeled in a way that can contribute positively to the lives of all citizens.

To register for the course, you must enter from August 7 on the platform FutureLearn And sign up for a free account.

Case Studies: Parque Explora and Casa de la Memoria Museum, Medellin, Colombia; the Textile Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico; Ferrowhite Museum Workshop, Bahía Blanca, and the Local Astronomical Complex (Museum Factory), Rosario, Argentina; Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum, Santiago de Chile; Da Mari Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; National Museum – Reina Sofia Art Center, Madrid, Spain; Us Museum, San Diego, USA; Kalki Abbey (National Trust), Derbyshire, UK, and District Six Museum, Cape Town, South Africa.

The TyPA Foundation – Theory and Practice of the Arts – is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intercultural thinking and communication; Create connections that facilitate acceptance of diversity and promote positive changes in museums in Latin America.

Since its founding in 2004, it has organized various programmes, including the TyPA Museum Management Laboratory, which was set up to train a new generation of museum leaders in Latin America; and the Reimagined Museum, a meeting of professionals from across the continent organized with the American Alliance of Museums.

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