WhatsApp will notify you who has been online recently, that’s the job

The application is in beta version for all operating systems. (WhatsApp)

The new WhatsApp update may show you which contacts have been online recently. This feature will show the last two contacts in your list who left the app. This option is available in the trial version of WhatsApp For iPhone and Android devices.

The new experimental feature can be displayed in the contacts list only when the user starts a new conversation. WhatsApp.

Below the New Group, New Contact, New Community and New Channel options, you can find a section called Recently Online, where the last two contacts who left the app appear, as shown by WABetaInfo.

The new function allows you to view the last people who were online. (Wapita Info)

The function will only be available to users who have been allowed to see their last communication via WhatsApp.

It should be noted that this is in beta, so there are two options: either the functionality will eventually be integrated into the standard version or it will not pass testing.

To get the trial version of WhatsApp, follow these steps:

For Android users

– Go to the Google Play Store and search for “WhatsApp”.

– On the app page, scroll down until you find the “Become a beta tester” section.

– Click “Participate” and wait until you are accepted into the program. This may take some time. Once accepted, you will receive an app update to the beta version.

Blocked chats have been enabled for a few months. (WhatsApp)

For iOS users

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– Download the TestFlight app from the App Store.

– Visit the WhatsApp Beta invite link for iOS. This link varies and can be found through forums or specialized technical websites, as WhatsApp does not provide a fixed link directly.

-Once you’re in TestFlight, accept the invitation to install the beta version of WhatsApp.

It is important to note that beta versions may contain bugs or malfunctions, as they are in the testing phase. Participating in the beta testing program gives you access to new features before they are officially releasedBut it also means putting up with some instability in the app.

WhatsApp conversation filter to separate group chats and messages read in the application. (Wapita Info)

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app used by millions of users around the world, has a great history of developing and improving its features.

One of the main processes in this development is implementing functionality in its beta version, where new features are tested before they are officially released in the standard version.

A recent example of this process is the function that allows users to sort chats into categories such as read, unread, and group chats. This tool was initially integrated into the beta version of WhatsApp a few months ago, allowing users to organize their conversations more efficiently.

After a period of testing and modifications based on feedback from beta users, this feature proved to be robust enough for a wider release. It was recently integrated into the standard version of the app, a change announced by Mark Zuckerberg.

Filters allow users to better manage their conversations. (WhatsApp)

Another notable example of a feature that has moved from beta to the standard version of WhatsApp is dark mode. This feature, which has been requested by users for a long time, was initially tested in the beta version of the app.

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Dark mode allows you to change the app interface to a darker color palettewhich reduces eye strain in low-light environments and contributes to energy savings on devices with OLED displays.

After a period of modifications and improvements based on feedback from users participating in the beta program, WhatsApp finally introduced dark mode in its standard version.

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