Miley arrives in the United States: economy and business with Musk, meeting with Infantino, and interest in Georgieva

Miley arrives in the United States: economy and business with Musk, meeting with Infantino, and interest in Georgieva

For the first time on board the presidential plane for security reasons, President Javier Miley traveled to the United States for the fourth time during his term. He arrived Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, where he will participate in a global investor conference and is scheduled to hold a series of important economic meetings.

The head of state will speak at around 5 pm on Monday at the Milken Institute Forum, which brings together businessmen, bankers, CEOs, funds and, among other prominent figures, the Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva. Involved.

Miley’s participation will be by coordinating a conversation with Konrad Kieschel, Executive Director of Global Events and Programs at the Milken Institute, with whom he will maintain an exchange of views as he is expected to expand on his government’s plan for Argentina and its country. Look at the world.

As expressed in his various international exhibitions, Miley is once again supposed to lead a forceful defense of deregulated economic policies that facilitate free trade, accompanied by the usual criticisms of state intervention and the political class.

The official agenda distributed by the Milken Institute: In addition to Miley, the Queen of Jordan, the owner of SpaceX, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the former Real Madrid player, and others participating in the conference.

The Milken Institute’s call for a global agreement “Shaping a Shared Future” says: “Today we face critical questions, from dangerous geopolitics, to the climate crisis and the complexities of artificial intelligence, where we must examine its potential and impact on workers, businesses and global markets.

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Powerful international figures are invited to the conference, in addition to businessmen, bankers, CEOs and major investment funds in the world. Celebrity guests include former President Bill Clinton, Islamic Development Bank President Ilan Goldfagen; Joe Biden’s regional advisor, Christopher Dodd; New York Federal Reserve Chairman, John Williams; Tesla CEO Elon Musk; Chevron Michael Wirth, CEO Franklin Templeton; And the head of the IT department at BlackRock, James Keenan, and executives at JP Morgan Bank, in addition to members of the US Congress and officials from Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Exchanges with Musk

In his parallel agenda, the president plans to meet businessman Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and the social network in the United States, Gerardo Verthen.

This will be the second time they meet face-to-face, after the Argentine president’s visit to the South African tycoon at one of Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, less than a month ago.

President Javier Miley will meet again with Elon Musk less than a month after the first meeting.
President Javier Miley will meet again with Elon Musk less than a month after the first meeting.

In that first meeting, they both personally expressed their good relationship on social media through a picture with their thumbs up, and began to reinforce their ideological alignment in the world.

It is expected that in this second meeting they will delve deeper into the real prospects for the businessman to reach our country with investment. Specifically, about the possibility that the CEO of Space

On the other hand, Javier Miley is also planning to meet FIFA President, Gianni Infantino. In this case, the head of state plans to present his project to promote sports joint stock companies (SAD) in domestic football, an initiative that the liberal administration is currently promoting at a rhetorical level.

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Economic agenda

The delegation that accompanied the President was completed by Chief of Staff Nicolas Bossi; Economy Minister Luis Caputo. Both of them will have a parallel agenda in which they will host meetings with important foreign investors, bankers and executives participating in the global conference.

In particular, Minister Luis Caputo will pay special attention to Director General Georgieva, who remains reluctant to enable a new IMF disbursement to open the exchange rate, an election campaign promise for which the Liberal government has expressed that it needs about US$15,000 million to achieve that. Make it a reality.

In Davos, Miley also met Georgieva and held a meeting with the head of the International Monetary Fund.
In Davos, Miley also met Georgieva and held a meeting with the head of the International Monetary Fund.

Miley himself expressed himself along these lines once he arrived in the United States. True to his style, he devoted himself to spreading topics across his social networks, with a particular focus on messages related to economic issues.

With a message on his personal account, President Javier Miley returned to a topic that had already sparked some of his thoughts this week: the appreciation of the peso, and the refusal to devalue it.

“I am very amused by those “economists” who have historically been freedom-killers and advocates of all kinds of control (especially at the external level) and who, when faced with official proposals that invalidate the hypothesis of the appreciation of the peso, resort to answering “stocks,” the president posted.

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On Saturday, he posted another comment written in a similar manner regarding the exchange rate. “I am very amused by some of these ‘economists’ who talk about exchange rate delays and who, in the face of a change in fundamentals, hide behind the fact that CEPO exists, when until not long ago they were talking about how we do it.” Can live with a gap of 40/60% because today it is null…”, he had posted.

If there are no changes on the agenda, Miley and the delegation will return on May 7 to continue focusing on raising support in the Senate that will allow them to move forward with processing the rules bill and continue preparations for the May charter. On the 25th of the month in the state of Cordoba.

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