These programs will help you check if your keyboard and mouse are working perfectly

Both keyboard and mouse are the only two ways we have to interact with any computer, as long as it does not have a touch screen. When certain buttons on our mouse or keyboard are not working properly, we can go crazy to find where the problem is and find the solution, especially when we realize that a lot of text is misspelled or has illogical errors.

Fortunately, for any computer-related problem, there is software that will help us find the solution. In this case, it is not a native application for Windows, but third-party applications that will help us check where the problem is with our keyboard or even with the mouse in order to find a solution that does not involve buying a new one. If we don’t want to install any application on our computer to check how our keyboard works, we can use the web, once it let us check if all the keys that are part of the keyboard are working perfectly. Like this kind of apps, when we press the keys, they light up to show their correct functioning.

Target 400. Players of first and third person shooter titles use apps to practice aiming at moving objects, and one of the most popular is Aim400, which allows us to check not only the mouse buttons, but also the sensor by making all kinds of movements. Aim400 is a webpage available through this connection It is not necessary to register on the web to be able to use it intermittently.

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AIM400Any clothes. Aimlabs is a free application that is very popular among users who want to improve their aiming in first person and third person shooter games, just like Aim400, however, Aim labs is an application and web version, which provides us with a large number of tests to check the correct operation of the mouse sensor and buttons . We can download this application for free through the following link to Steam or from the Epic Games Store.

Any clothes

Any clothes
Any clothes

Keyboard testing tool. It is one of the best apps to check how our keyboard works, even if it is in English. The operation of this mobile application is very simple, because once it is implemented we just have to press each key, including the numeric keypad keys if our keyboard has one so that the application lights up the keys and check that they work perfectly. Keyboard Test Utility is a completely free application that we can download with it connection.

Keyboard testing toolWindows On-Screen Keyboard. Although it is true what we said above, that Windows does not offer us any solution to find the root of the problem with our keyboard and mouse, we can use the Windows virtual keyboard to check the key block and the numeric keypad.

Windows virtual keyboard

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