They removed the wrong kidney and he is now suing the doctors and the clinic

Aida is 67 years old and a tumor was discovered in one of the two organs, but the healthy one was removed.

“My mom They removed the wrong kidney And from that moment his life changed. Previously, I used to go to our bakery and do leisure activities, but now it has been stopped. With pain and helplessness, Camilo Octavio Lázaro (48 years old) recounts the ordeal in which his mother Aida Luz Sehurt (67 years old) plunged into malpractice.

A tumor was discovered in the woman’s left kidney and she had to be operated on. On April 27, 2017, Hector Presser and Martin Piana operated on him at Clinica de la Ciudad de Puerto Madryn. The result was not as expected. They made a huge mistake. He was in intensive care for three days., although it was not expected. Both the doctors and the clinic were sued.

In the operating room They made a mistake and removed a healthy kidneyOn the right,” Camilo explains in an interview with Clarion. “They also removed the tumor on the left,” he explained.

Likewise, “the doctors were unable to transplant the healthy kidney they removed.” On April 27, the patient, her son and her husband accidentally discovered what had happened inside the operating room, and the malpractice they had suffered.

As a result of this practice, he must receive medical attention for nephrology, among other specialties, for the rest of his life. says his lawyer, Nicholas Schick Clarion He may need dialysis and take medications to compensate for the lack of kidney function. They suffer from reduced quality and life expectancyand to some extent require a kidney transplant.

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Aida is depressed because of what happened and the trial. He is afraid of not knowing what will happen to him if his kidneys fail.

“He is currently suffering from permanent mental damage, due to the unnecessary and life changing anatomical loss. From an independent person to a dependent personsays his lawyer.

But not only the anatomical and functional loss is the wrong reason, but also “the violent situation in which the loss occurred due to the lack of consent and the impossibility of prior preparation for the new scenario created in the surgery.”

The family suspects that the doctors They manipulated the pathology samples to suggest that they removed the kidney because there was also cancer there. The patient’s son says: “It is wrong to give something valuable to a doctor and this trust is being violated.”

Presser, a urologist, and Piana intervened in the operation. But they had different roles. The first “was the person responsible for the statement of studies and analyzes to determine the pathological condition referred to as performing laparoscopic renal surgery in the left kidney.”

Presser was responsible for the medical team in the operating room, with powers to direct and supervise other professionals.

while Piana was the cooperating doctor. “He had the possibility of advising and admonishing the surgeon, and that is why he allows an extension of liability against him, being a surgeon also, he had the possibility of observing the danger presented by the case,” Plaintiff Documents Maintenance Agreed Clarion.

Now it will be the turn of Judge Federico Coz, in charge of the National Civil Court of First Instance 14, who will pass judgment in this case for damages.

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The family will receive compensation money, if possible, reinsurance in case Aida needs – in the future – medical intervention.


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