Blue Origin’s lawsuit against NASA has been delayed by a week because plaintiffs are having problems converting documents to PDF

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NASA will halt development of Starship HLS (the probe of choice for its next missions to the moon) for another week because the US Department of Justice is having trouble managing documents in the lawsuit against Blue Origin.

on April 16 NASA chose SpaceX To develop, manufacture and operate two flights of spacecraft intended to land on the Moon. Blue Origin and Dynetics, SpaceX’s competitors in search of this public contract, Protest with the Government Accountability Office For the decision to select one contractor, but that was approved.

Far from settling down, Jeff Bezos’ airline Blue Origin has revealed Order against the United States Government before the Court of Federal Claims which again caused the suspension of the HLS (Human Landing System) contract between NASA and SpaceX until November.

Perhaps no one expected is that a federal judge will in turn stop Blue Origin’s lawsuit due to a series of technical problems with the documents submitted to the case. There is more than 7GB of data when the FCC only supports 50MB files.

as Mashable, Department of Justice prosecutors tried to convert hundreds of separate documents into individual 50MB PDFs, but those large files ended up crashing the system anyway. In the end, the administrators decided to completely abandon the loading on the system and burning documents to DVD discs. However, the process forced the judge to give the Ministry of Justice a one-week deadline.

The Starship HLS contract is worth $2.9 billion, which is half of what Blue Origin requested from NASA for its lunar lander.

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