They are four Argentinian restaurants that have been selected among the most legendary restaurants in the world

four Restaurants Argentines have been recognized among the 150 most important people in the world by the culinary magazine Taste Atlas, which conducts surveys of gastronomy around the world.

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It comes to Pizzerias Güerrin and El Cuartito, from Don Julio Grill in Buenos Aires, and from Fonda del Tío, a restaurant located in Bariloche.

In this comprehensive ranking, the culinary magazine has highlighted restaurants from countries such as Turkey, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Japan, England, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and more.

to taste atlas, These places ‘offer a unique gastronomic journey that’s well worth it Initiate at least once in life.”

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“They are not just places to enjoy a meal, but destinations in their own right, comparable to the world’s most famous museums, galleries and monuments. Each has stood the test of time, eschewing primitive gimmicks in favor of high-quality, traditional cuisine.

They are four Argentinian restaurants that have been selected among the most legendary restaurants in the world.

In what positions were the Argentinian restaurants

four Restaurants It has been identified as two pizzerias, a grill and a restaurant in the Andes.

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Güerrin’s pizzeria is ranked 18th in the ranking. The magazine highlighted that “Güerrin’s unwavering commitment to quality and tradition, demonstrated through this pioneering dish, has been instrumental in shaping Argentina’s pizza culture”.

On the other side, Fonda del Tío was on step 21 of this list. “Its rustic charm and great views of Lake Nahuel Huapi have made it a desirable spot for both locals and tourists. Naples in Milan, a piece of meat,” they explain from Taste Atlas.

El Cuartito Pizza, featured at #51was also praised: “Diners can enjoy a variety of delicious pizzas in an interior adorned with a staggering number of autographed photos and signed shirts by football stars.”

finally, Don Julio Grill, located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, ranked 63. “Delicious and impressive grilled wine list,” detail from the post.

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