UK bans TikTok on official devices, saying move ‘has immediate effect’

The short video platform called the decision “disappointing” and called for “the same treatment” as its competitors.

Citing cybersecurity reasons, the United Kingdom announced on Thursday that TikTok ban on government devicesa measure he asserted would apply “immediately”.

“We will ban the use of TikTok on government machines” “with immediate effect,” Foreign Secretary Oliver Dowden, whose portfolio includes cybersecurity issues, told Parliament.

The app where you can share short videos is very popular among youngsters but its critics warn against it Chinese authorities can access their users’ data worldwide, something TikTok denies.

The Beijing offices of ByteDance, the company that operates the TikTok platform. Photo: EFE

This is a “precautionary” measure, according to the minister. “We know there is already limited use of TikTok within government, but it’s about practicing good cyber hygiene,” he said.

“Due to the special risks related to government agencies, which may contain sensitive information, they are Prudent and proportionate restriction of use of some applications,” particularly those that access and store a “large amount of data.”

Similar measures have been taken in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

In February, the European Commission on Thursday banned the use of TikTok on official devices used by its employees, as the European Union tries to beef up cybersecurity and follow a similar measure taken by the US Congress.

On Thursday, China urged the United States to do so Stop “unprovoked attacks” against TikTokAfter the United States asked the company to separate from the Chinese company ByteDance as a condition for not banning it in the country, citing reasons of national security.

The ban on TikTok on official devices has been announced in the British Parliament.  Photo: Reuters
The ban on TikTok on official devices has been announced in the British Parliament. Photo: Reuters

The United States has not yet contributed There is no evidence that TikTok threatens national security Chinese diplomatic spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters.

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TikTok’s parent company is Chinese tech company ByteDance, which some people work for Criticizes relations with the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok denies accusations of this kind, and guarantees that it does not censor content or give the Chinese government access to its data.

The White House request came through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), A government agency charged with risk assessment Of all foreign investment for national security.

The US Foreign Investment Committee was the one that would have given the ultimatum to the owners of TikTok, it was reported. The Wall Street Journal. The White House has not yet decided on this issue.

The UK has banned the app on official devices "direct".  Photo: EFE
The UK banned the app on official devices “immediately”. Photo: EFE

TikTok reaction

Tiktok confirmed on Thursday that the British government’s decision to prevent the Chinese app from being installed on official mobile phones was “disappointing”He stressed that he is committed to addressing “any concerns”.

“We believe this ban is based on fundamental misconceptions driven by broader geopoliticsTikTok and its millions of users in the UK play no role,” said a spokesperson for the service.

“We remain committed to working with the government to address any concerns, but we must be judged on the facts Treat as equals with our competitors“, he added.

According to the spokesperson, TikTok has begun implementing a Data protection plan from European users. TikTok also denies that it facilitates the Chinese government’s access to its users’ data.

Source: AFP and EFE

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