He disassembled his computer to clean it up after so many years and what he found shocked him

A Reddit user showed off what her gaming PC looks like after six years without cleaning it. The photo received thousands of comments, some even asking him to show how he took care of the cleaning he gave her afterwards.

“This is shameful. This isn’t an old computer that’s been sitting in storage. It’s the one I use for everyday play. I haven’t opened it once since I bought it 6 years ago. Surprisingly, it works well. “It was very satisfying to clean,” @jbclassic6889 said, writing. Reddit post.

This was inside a Reddit user’s computer. | (photo: Reddit/jbclassic6889)

Along with his words, the user showed a photo of what he found inside: The layer of dust was so thick that from a distance it looked like a cobweb or a layer of fungus. The photo caught the attention of the community and many of them asked their questions.

Some wanted to know what they clean their computer with, while others “demanded” to be shown the picture after all the dust has been removed. “This kind of floss Need “before and after” screenshotsHe pointed to one of his followers.

but, The most surprising part was that the author of the post confirmed that his computer was still working fine. Not only can the amount of dust left behind by your computer lead to hardware issues, but it can also cause excessive noise from that voltage. Especially for fans.

Added to this is that thermal paste usually lasts between 2 and 5 years, depending on the quality. so by saying, That it didn’t have any issues was practically a miracle, as both the processor and graphics card could have broken. This even caused some to ask about the ingredients.

What happens if you don't clean your gaming PC for six years?  Reddit has the answer.  |  (photo: Reddit/jbclassic6889)
What happens if you don’t clean your gaming PC for six years? Reddit has the answer. | (photo: Reddit/jbclassic6889)

It is advised to clean the inside of computers frequently. This is, at least, monthly maintenance. In the event that the user does not know how to do this or is afraid of creating a problem, he can always approach a professional.

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