The US House of Representatives approves a $1.7 trillion funding package

On Friday, the US House of Representatives approved a massive $1.7 trillion package to fund the federal government.

The comprehensive bill already got the green light in the Senate on Thursday and has now been sent to the White House.

On the same Friday, the US President, Joe Biden, confirmed that he would “sign it into law as soon as it gets to my desk.”

Then, the President signed into law the Short-Term Funding Act that was approved to avert a partial government shutdown before the midnight deadline.

The week-long bill succeeded in giving the spending bill, which runs more than 4,000 pages, more time to get Biden’s signature.

This massive spending bill for fiscal year 2023 includes $772.5 billion for non-defense domestic programs and $858 billion for defense spending, nearly 10 percent more than the previous year.

It also provides nearly $45 billion in emergency funds to Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The United States has been criticized for its high spending on military activities. In 2021, Washington’s military spending made up nearly 40 percent of the global total, more than the next nine countries on the list combined.

Xinhua source

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