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The actor recorded how he must have reacted if he came across this type of monster and it is clearly the opposite of what he would have reacted to.

lives in Canada Obviously, it’s very different to live in Argentina For the simple fact that the cold factor is one of the main differences, given that winters in the North American country are quite harsh and we practically live in sub-zero temperatures.

But also another difference is the presence of polar bears which adds a great tone to the situation, but this also gives them a certain danger because apparently running into one is something not out of the ordinary and that’s why. There are more than one specific protocols if this happens.

Dario Lopilato program visited Florence Pena As a guest to talk about comeback Married with children To the stage and promote the play you will be in Big Rex And you’ll get all of the tape’s cast, lower Erica Rivas (Maria Elena), which will replace it Jorgelina Aruzzi.

pain He consulted about his parents and how it would be Vancouver When will they see their sister and Dario He slipped that his father was a little tired of the bad weather in town: “The old man is a little disliked by the English and cold too. Now they are practically under the snow.”

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So continue with issues related to his visits to Vancouver To see his sister, son-in-law and nephews, Dario He told her he knew what to do if a polar bear crossed his path.

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Obviously, on this occasion, he caught the attention of Apartment W Florence All ears were to hear the interpretation. “If a bear appears, you have to roll into a ball on the ground. It’s something they teach kids in elementary school. If I run away, the bear will catch me.”

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curious flowers he asked: “Why doesn’t he catch you if you’re curled up into a ball?” s lobelati He stated with some certainty: “Because the bear feels that you are afraid of him, so you have to stay still.”

pain He understood his colleague’s explanation, but he persisted with doubts and based on the confidence he had Dario And his humor had a laugh with him to conclude with: “He doesn’t know how to explain why. They tell him he has to make a ball, but he has no idea why.”. Dario in status Koky to visit Florencethe silver They get together and always get some humor out of there.

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