The purchase of Microsoft Activision Blizzard sparked many reactions, but above all memes

Users have not slowed down in posting photos and videos theorizing about the future of this acquisition with plenty of jokes.

The most popular news of the week, maybe what the rest of the year, is being Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This bombing aroused suspicion of all kinds in the community that includes The fate of Bobby Kotik Because of controversy about your company.

At 3DJuegos, we couldn’t avoid theorizing about the meaning of this purchase, for what we’ve already written Opinions about the work that Microsoft . has been waiting for And the forgotten epics that We would like to see you again. However, netizens once again repeated their creativity with fun ideas Who, in their own way, imagine the strange future that awaits Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. So, in the absence of more information about the two companies’ plans, let’s ease public tension a little Memes.

It’s no surprise that epic news needs a meme with an extension Epic. And the best way to explain the history between Activision, Blizzard and Microsoft is by using images of Lord of the Rings, especially referring to the stages more important Among the three companies. Is this not more than a wise idea?

And now we go with the series, because Microsoft’s decisions seem very severe all by herself. Of course, there are weeks of talks and negotiations, but it makes us laugh at the thought Phil Spencer as indecisive Morty, especially because of the unexpected news that tends to us.

But they also give cane sugar Bobby Kotik, who this time remained as CEO of Activision Blizzard until the purchase took place. This is how many of us felt when we saw the news before the announcement of destination From Kotick, as if the pacifier was taken from our hands.

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Of course, Microsoft has surrounded the news several times Thanks for your purchases. So, the dynamic has changed, and if we “didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition” before, Microsoft has now shown that it can surprise us at any time. sudden acquisition.

This made the company have a wide range of personalities and intellectual property that to experience, which provided really crazy ideas for the internet community. And what is one of these ideas? Well, nothing less than my clip, the popular Microsoft Office mascot, joins the Overwatch roster. OK.

But as a matter of imagination, players take the opportunity to unite all kinds of proposals. And by that we mean that they have already created a small project that includes mechanics from archer, the soulsAnd Maine CraftAnd Mario Kart And more references at Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64. We hope that one day this will come true.

There is no doubt that this moment is memorable for the entire gaming community, but we can make the news even longer with a good selection of memes. And those that are left to be seen! We encourage you to post the funniest pictures and craziest ideas even amidst a lot of doubt and uncertainty, We can laugh for a while.

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