WhatsApp will have Do Not Disturb function for calls

The new WhatsApp feature notifies users when they miss a call or video call while Do Not Disturb mode is active. (Photo: iProfessional)

new Modernization From the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices Android Users will be given the option to activate the mode do not disturb that will not be answered calls that others receive through Application.

According to the WABetaInfo website, this update is already available for some users beta from the app and will allow users to receive a notification within a file conversation With someone who made a file a callwhether it is audio or video, to indicate connection loss due to Do Not Disturb mode being activated.

These additional messages will not only appear on conversation With an in-app contact that says “missed call / video call during Do Not Disturb”, but it will also be recorded in call log Audio and video of the platform with a label in blue letters indicating ‘Mute by do not disturb“.

The WhatsApp update enables the Do Not Disturb functionality for calls from the app.  (WABetaInfo)
The WhatsApp update enables the Do Not Disturb functionality for calls from the app. (WABetaInfo)

Although this function notifies the user who is receiving the calls, this is not the case with the person making them since The WhatsApp This does not tell the user that the contact they want to contact is active Do Not Disturb during that time period.

To see if the update The WhatsApp Already available on a specific device, users will need to enter Settings o in-app configuration for Android And look for the Do Not Disturb option.

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In the event that the user does not find this option despite being part of the beta user group, all they have to do is enter Google Play Store And click on the download button. Trial users download the trial version automatically from the Android App Store. The Google.

This is the new Google Play logo
This is the new Google Play logo

In the early days of November, the CEO GoalAnd the Mark Zuckerbergabout a new update for The WhatsApp New features and functions developed by the messaging app have been included in its beta version over the past year, such as Communitiesand polls within group chats and other features.

Zuckerberg also mentioned that users will now be able to share even larger files 2 GB within the messaging platform. “Now we are posting SurveysVoice calls with 32 people, Shareable links a program Video call and more,” she reported

Mark Zuckerberg gave groups on WhatsApp polls, video calls for 32 people, and more options with security

The WhatsApp It will also be a platform where the mediators in the groups will be able to have more control over the activities that are carried out within the groups. group chat that can be created in the application and which, with this new version, can have a maximum of 1,024 people.

In the case of group surveys, which can be created from the attachment button located at the far right of the message area within the application, these surveys can provide a maximum number of 12 options Response.

During your advertisement, Mark Zuckerberg He also indicated that the users of the messaging app will get this update regardless of their smartphone operating system, so these new functions for The WhatsApp It will also benefit OS users iOS From manzana.

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