Pictures: A metal detector found a 2,000-year-old Roman gold ring in his garden

Mike Burke, 54, of Cornwall, southwest England, took part in a metal detector just a few days ago. And so, after getting excited about watching the English TV series “He Detectorists”, His wife Julie gave him a metal detector for Christmas.

The discovery, which Burke calls “the greatest treasure” to date, was made before the New Year, when What is believed to be a golden ring found from a Roman inscription It dates back to about the 1st or 2nd century AD and weighs 12.8 grams.

The ring features a white agate stone It is engraved with Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, justice, peace and motherhood.

After finding the ring, Burke gently rinsed it with water and posted photos of a metal detector set on Facebook, asking if he really “had anything.” It was when users recommended Contact the official discovery contact , which notifies the county specialist for official confirmation and registration.

Mathematics teacher and retired United States Military Police officer, Burke informed the person in charge of the finds at the museum with the coin that was found Corniche Live. If this important discovery is confirmed, it could challenge previous theories about the absence of Roman influence in West Cornwall.

Burke, who is currently a GCSE Functional Skills Lecturer in Mathematics at the local university in Penzance, said that He doesn’t usually look for minerals in his front garden because his wife has a lot of flowers planted there. However, on this occasion, when passing through an empty space, it was necessary to try it, because “everything was dying” and they were preparing the area for plunder. And think ‘No problem, you won’t mind if you go there’.

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the unofficial He said his new hobby helps him relax: “Even if I’m out with a group of 40 other people, I put on my headphones, and I go for a walk in a field alone, in peace and quiet.”

Apart from this valuable discovery, Burke found a two-pence coin from the 1970s , half-pennies from previous decades and a tin bear and dolls may have been part of the baby rattle. RT.

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