The Most Effective Way to Parallel Garden, According to Science

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to believe finally You found space to stop by yourself To discover that your car is not suitable because the car is next to you lost A large area It is one of the most frustrating experiences for any driver.

In a perfect future in which all vehicles are Self-employed, we can drop off at our destination and send them to park away from the most crowded areaswhere they do not bother anyone. But for now we are responsible for making use of the space when we stop parallel.

Then, What is the most efficient way for a parallel garden to make the most of public spaces? a A study published by two Australian researchers in the magazine Transfer results intends to give an informed answer on this question. And it’s an answer very simple.

According to researcherswhen standing parallel You must always stand at one end, Leaving as much space as possible on the other end. You can choose any of the twothe important is Get as close as possible to anyone Neighboring cars, leaving room to go later.

Despite this It may look like a logo common sense, many drivers decide to park right in the middle of the available space, without thinking about whether it is the most convenient. Since the parking spaces They are a limited resource in publicthe most convenient thing is to waste as little as possible.

Researchers differentiate Four possible parking strategies:

  1. park Back as far as possible within the available space
  2. Park at either end of the available space
  3. Park your car in the middle of the available space
  4. Park your car randomly anywhere in the space

Then they simulated what might happen in every Issue Yes Demand exceeds the offer (typical situation that There is always a car waiting to stand and Driver ready to wait This is someone drifting away).

Image of an article titled The Most Effective Way to Parallel Gardening, According to Science

Graph: Benji Marks, Emily Moylan

Find out he isThe worst strategy for increasing parking spaces is, specifically, to park in the middle of the available space. The number of cars that can make use of public places If drivers are standing in the middle It is greatly reduced By following this strategy.

Random parking improves performance quite a bit, something many drivers do unconsciously In real life.

However, parking at either end of the space, either at the back Or later, it turns out to be so The best simulation strategy. Under this scenario, we can place the largest number of vehicles on any street. In residential areas We can almost double the number of parked cars If all drivers stop at one end.

“Because the number of on-street parking is fairly constant, we need to make the most of our space,” Researchers wrote. “Next time you You find with car park Parallel unmarkedTry Parkarte in the front or back of the space”.

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