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Seven boxers from Ecuador have reached the semi-finals of the Continental Boxing Championship, completing the quarter-finals at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum.

In the two qualifying cards for the Ecuadorean semi-finals Juan Carlos Ancheco won 4-0 against Donovan Morales, from Mexico, in the section 60-63.5 kg; In the same way, Piero Prieto He won the bronze medal for Ecuador by defeating Ecuador in the weight of 63.5-67 kilograms William Ortizfrom Puerto Rico; In addition, tricolor Jose Rodriguez Won by unanimous decision (5-0) against Junior Picafrom Canada, at 67-71 kg.

Among the four battles in which the Ecuadorean national team participated, Rolando Zuniga He remained in the quarter-finals when he lost by a split decision (3-2) against him Hansel Lopezfrom Guatemala, at 46-48 kilos.

Quarter-finals results:

46-48K: Billy Rodriguez (Cuba) 5-0 Fernando Franco (Colombia)

51-54 kg: Ronald Ribeiro (Brazil) 0-5 Jebali Pride (Barbados); Rodrigo Marti (Dominican Republic) 5-0 Angel Palacios (Argentina).

54-57 kilos: Kioma Ali Al Ahmadi (Canada) 5-0 Orlando Martinez (Panama); Antonio Harvey (US) 4-0 Carlos Perez (Dominican Republic).

57-60K: Jonathan Mansour (US) 1-4 Miguel de la Cruz (Dominican Republic); John Ellen Urubio (Colombia) defeated Achim Eastman of Guyana by 2 minutes 6 seconds in the second round.

60-63.5 kilos: Deniz Caban (Puerto Rico) 2-3 (Gonore del Castillo (Dominican Republic).

63.5-67 Kilograms: Miguel Angel Martinez (Mexico) 5-0 Emmanuel Burgos (Dominican Republic)

67-71 kilos: Teodoro Pickford (Panama) 1-4 Concec de Oliveira (Brazil).

71-75K: Ángel Moquete (Dominican) 1-4 Octavio Aguirre (Mexico); Samuel Sylla (Guest) 2-3 Kurt Amsterdam (Guyana).

75-80K: Izias Ribeiro (Brazil) 5-0 Irani Olvera (Mexico); Emmanuel Beauséjour (Canada) 5-0 Charles Cox (Barbados).

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More than 92 kilos: Juan Pablo Patiño (Colombia) 0-5 Abner Teixeira (Brazil); Luis Enrique Gomez (Mexico) 0-5 Timothy Edwards (USA). (Dr)

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