The importance of dental sleep

The importance of dental sleep
Dr.. Castro and Dr. Megiz sometime during the meeting. Photo: General Council of Dentists.

At the beginning of October it was held at the headquarters of General Council of Dentists Institutional meeting between the President of the University Organization, Dr. Oscar Castro Reno, and the President Spanish Society of Dental and Sleep Medicine (SEMDeS), Dr. Manuel Migues Contreras.

Dr. Castro made himself at the disposal of the SEMDes, attached to the Council, to cooperate in all that is necessary with a view to Continuing to advance the scientific development of dental sleep medicineIt works in a multidisciplinary manner with other medical specialties associated with this type of disorder.

For its part, SEMDes made the council president share the details of IV Congresso SEMDeS 2021, which will take place in 26th and 27th november approx. Congress, which convenes jointly with European Academy of Dentistry and Sleep Medicine (EADSM)It targets dentists. Focuses on interdisciplinary work between professionals in pulmonologyAnd OtorhinolaryngologyAnd NeurologyAnd natural therapy And other experts of sleep units to solve this pathology.

Sleep disturbances can increase the risk of health problems, such as sousAnd Chronic insomnia NS oversleeping, among other things. One of the causes of these diseases is sleep apnea, which occurs in the case of SAOS can be fatal. In this sense, the dentist plays an essential role as a member of the multidisciplinary team of sleep units.

“Thanks to the work of SEMDes, dentists can Know the depth of this disease; knowledge Exchange Together with other professionals and participating in this multidisciplinary issue to help patients with sleep disorders who go to the dental clinic and go undiagnosed,” says Dr. Castro.

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