The magic of British literature will be the protagonist of the 27th Book Fair in La Paz

La Paz, June 29 (EFE). – The magic and imagination of British literature and concern for the environment will be the main themes of the 27th edition of the La Paz International Book Fair (FIL), one of the most important Bolivian cultural fairs. The action was shown on Thursday amidst Wizards and Harry Potter’s wands.

The President of the Chamber explained that the British Residency in La Paz hosted the exhibition presentation event, which this year will be held from August 2 to 13 and the United Kingdom will be the guest country and the Alliance Française as the guest institution. La Paz Writers Division (CDLLP), David Perez.

Speaking to EFE, Perez noted that the thematic themes in this release are two: on the one hand, magic and fantasy, and on the other hand, environment and environment.

“The magic is because the UK is the guest country. Roald Dahl, JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling are three of the great writers Britain has produced in the last fifty or sixty years, but there are many more,” he said.

Within this framework, he said, various activities related to magic, fantasy and the work of these “important writers” are being planned.

For his part, the British Ambassador to La Paz, Geoff Glicken, announced the participation of children’s writer Joseph Coelho, whose “stories have fascinated children and adults around the world” and whose presence at this book fair is expected to bring “joy”. and learning for young Bolivian readers.”

“Children’s literature has the power to instill image, instill values ​​and create future leaders, and we are excited to share the magical stories of Joseph Coelho with the children of Bolivia,” said Glickin.

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He also announced that as part of the embassy’s efforts to “strengthen intercultural relations” it would present “a copy of the famous play Hamlet in Quechua”.

“This unique representation is a tribute to Bolivia’s rich cultural heritage and a tribute to the diversity of languages ​​and traditions that exist in our world,” he said.

Perez appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of the exhibition, which goes beyond literature and hopes in this edition to present nearly 400 cultural events.

Some members of the Harry Potter Phoenix Reading Club, dressed in the robes of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, also attended the performance.

CDLLP noted that if cartoon was the protagonist of last year’s fair, in this edition graphic art will have a primary place on the agenda.

Swiss painters Thomas Ott and Simon F.

Writer Frédéric Primo and illustrator Jean-Claude Bauer will present their work on the Lyon butcher Klaus Barbie.

In the coming weeks, the Chamber will release more details about the other countries and co-authors.

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