Habit we all have with the cell phone and it can quickly destroy the battery

In the midst of the digital age, cell phone They are an essential part of our lives. Yes The battery reaches zero and the cell phone turns off and its performance may suffer over time. One of the main problems with allowing your cell phone battery to go to zero is that it can permanently damage it.

Why you should turn off your cell phone for five minutes a day to avoid hacking, according to cybersecurity experts

A report from the US National Security Agency has released a report that turning off your cell phone for five minutes a day can prevent hacking. Cybersecurity experts offered other advice.

In addition, Lithium-ion batteriesthat carry most portable devices, They are designed to function properly within a specific load range. Allowing a battery to zero repeatedly may cause a chemical imbalance in individual battery cells, affecting overall performance.

This can mean a decrease in the battery life of the devices. cell phone They require more frequent replacements.

They warn that a habit that everyone has with their cell phone can quickly destroy a battery: how to charge it

This does not mean that if this happens at some point, you will permanently damage the battery.. But yes, if this becomes a common habit, it will reduce battery performance in no time.

A journalist’s cell phone was stolen while she was giving a live interview

Mayra Tenorio witnessed an unusual situation, amid coverage of the celebrations of the Millonarios fans, who became champions of the Colombian League.

How to extend cell phone battery life

  • Charge your cell phone before it gets to extremely low levels. Try to keep your battery over 20%. This allows for hygienic use and avoids exposing it to extremes.
  • Avoid leaving your phone connected to DC power. Although it is convenient to have it charged all the time, Keeping the battery at 100% constantly can generate heat and corrosion.
  • Make Partial fees instead of full fees whenever possible. Lithium-ion batteries do not have a “charge memory” Like the old nickel cadmium batteries, so you don’t need to wait until it’s completely depleted before charging.
  • If you don’t plan to use your phone for a long time, say overnight, it’s best to leave it on a moderate charge level (about 50%) rather than Leave it fully charged or discharged.
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