The impact of border closures on the economy and the separation of families

19 months after entering United State As for non-essential travel, Texas mayors have realized that this situation is affecting not only their economy, but also separated families.

In separate interviews, Armando Ocaña, the mayor of the mission, and Photo of Javier Villalobos, of McAllen, realized that the restrictions on the crossings brought about changes in customs, with the festivities of families on both sides of the border significantly reduced.

“People here on the mission have not seen their families for a long time because of the pandemic.

“Before Covid-19, people were going to see their families in Mexico for the weekend, especially the cities on the border, because many uncles, cousins, brothers and nephews were divided because of the river, only the water, because the families were on both sides.” Okania.

He added that the dynamics in the city even changed, because they were unable to receive their relatives Expedition I stopped doing weddings and Quinceanera parties.

It also affects the culture, because in recent months there have been no weddings or wedding parties, those occasions when families from both sides have been invited.

“There is still a lot of precaution (against infection) among families,” the mayor added. Expedition.

mayor McAllenFor his part, he said he is very happy that Mexicans will be able to come to his city from November 8 on non-essential trips.

“We’ve had more than a year asking governments to reopen. It has affected us a lot, in bridge income, and has also been separating families.

“Nothing else has affected us in the economy, we have many families that are between the United States, at the border, and in Monterey. They have already been separated for over a year and a half, but we are very happy that it happened,” he said.

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As for the border destinations visited by Mexicans entering the United States by land, they were confident that it would be. Expedition And Mac Allen.

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We are very pleased with the reopening, as we have tried for a long time to promote the reopening of international bridges.

“We know that residents of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and the rest of Mexico traditionally come to the United States, especially McAllen and Mission, and that’s why we’re so happy,” he said. Armando Ocaña.

For his part, the mayor Villalobos He expressed that the relationship between these two cities in Texas and Monterey is very strong, so he hopes that will continue when the crossings are reactivated.

“We always wanted them to come and now we seem to be the city most interested in, they are not looking for San Antonio nor Laredo, they say: McAllen.

“Because there is a very good relationship between McAllen and Monterey. We have a lot of people from Monterey who live here.

“We are doing what is necessary for all the tourists regardless of whether they are Mexican or American, we want everyone to come,” he said.

On October 12, the US government announced that the reopening of borders to non-essential travel would begin on November 8, and that to do so, travelers must be vaccinated with a full schedule.

for health

Although Texas mayors were interviewed individually, they agreed it was essential for citizens, from the United States and Mexico alike, to take care of themselves to avoid infection as international bridges reopen for non-essential land crossings.

“We are asking the citizens, not only of the mission, but also of Mexicans, to protect themselves,” he said. Okania.

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Both advocated the wearing of face masks, although they made clear that they are not mandatory.

“What we want is for people to start coming in, passing through.

Mayor said Mac Allen.

Both Texans said they have turned to the federal government to see how they can support Mexicans, including with vaccinations, to boost the economy.

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