They are looking for 40 entrepreneurs in Colombia to boost their business

Over the next two years, forty women will be able to expand their projects throughEmbodera path start A private sector program was launched in Colombia in cooperation with United States Agency for International Development (USAID)Which in turn seeks to achieve a balance between the role of women in business.

Said project, according to Maria Del Rosario Garcia, spokeswoman for Colombia, It was launched as part of the Women’s Global Prosperity and Development (W-GDP) initiative to advance women’s presence in the world of fintech.

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“he is An accelerator program in Colombia to support and develop entrepreneurship Women-led impact programs focus on financial inclusion in Colombia, “says the spokesperson.

He adds that “the initiative Providing women tech entrepreneurs with access to leadership developmentAnd build strategic networks Guidance and technical assistanceCreating an ecosystem in which equal conditions exist so that the next generation of women leaders in the country can unleash their full potential.

It also clarifies that the women who may participate in this call will be Those who have already established the project and said the bills.

“This is an initiative that Mastercad is leading with USAID, an initiative of the United States government that seeks global prosperity and development for women. We are looking carefully for women who are already in businessThis is not a competition for business ideas, but we want companies that really work, ”explains Maria del Rosario Garcia.

The “enable start path” program is designed for Ambitious female entrepreneurs Which is also working to expand commerce, with a focus on digitizing and improving the purchase and sale of goods and services, in any sector through e-commerce or direct selling.

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According to Garcia, “In Latin America and the Caribbean, only 1% of women entrepreneurs have access to investors Compared to 7% of men, these are statistics from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and we definitely have to work on that to that extent. Of the region’s tech companies, only 10% are owned by womenTherefore, we believe that there are still great efforts that must be made to achieve this balance. “

Registrations are already open on the page To participate in a competition in the “stadium” format where Ten women entrepreneurs will be selected to incorporate the first batch of this accelerator program. Four groups will be implemented over two years for the aforementioned platform (Until 2023), The first will be closed on March 3.

In addition to mentoring, business and leadership training, the The competition will award funding up to $ 20,000 Per company, plus another $ 10,000 to invest in women’s inclusion and empowerment efforts.

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