Who are the candidates that they aspire to get?

The Elections will be held At a mixed meeting of the Board of Governors November 20.

is selected The candidate must have a majority Depends on Voting rights in the country members of It varies according to the number of shares in the company.

The The three main shareholders of the bank are the United States, Argentina and Brazil, which together own approximately 53% voting rights.

also The winning candidate You must have Support at least 15 out of 28 US countries (26 from Latin America and the Caribbean plus Canada and the United States).


one of the candidates seem Is it brazilian economist Ilan Goldfinthe former president of the Central Bank of Brazil and Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for America. It was proposed by the outgoing government of the far right Jair BolsonaroBut his candidacy generates contradictions in the transition team of the left-wing president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvawho did not comment on the matter.

Argentinawhich – which He never headed the foundation Since its inception in 1959, betting By economist Cecilia Todesca BocoStream Secretary of International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Argentina. The only candidate He held other public positions and has experience abroad, working in Argentina at the International Monetary Fund and the rating agency Standard & Poor’s.

Mexico He offers a PhD in Economics from Harvard University Gerard EsquivelCurrently Member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank (Banxico)Where defends a Less restrictive monetary policy.

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Chili pepper choose for Nicholas IsaguerreWho was he Minister of Finance In the government of socialist presidents Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet. The Chilean government claims that it chose him because he meets several requirements: technical profile, experience in international organizations and experience in public policies.

Trinidad and Tobago Presented by her Gerard JohnsonHe is a former official at the Islamic Development Bank.


Since its foundingthe presidency of the Islamic Development Bank was responsible for Philip HerreraFrom Chile (1960-1970) Antonio Ortiz Mina, from Mexico (1970-1988), Enrique F. IglesiasFrom Uruguay (1988-2005) Luis Alberto Morenofrom Colombia (2005-2020) and Mauricio Claver CaroneFrom the United States (2020-2022).

The latter was removed from his duties after the investigation concluded He had an intimate relationship with subordinatewho would have given him preferential treatment.

The president is elected for a term of five years.with the possibility of being re-elected only once.

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