The farmer will have to pay a fine for sending a thumbs up emoji

A Canadian farmer would have to pay an extraordinary fine for sending a thumbs up emoji to a flax purchase contract, which he later withdrew by saying he did not agree to it.

For Judge TJ Keene, sending said emoji signified his acceptance of the contractual terms So you will have to pay more than 82,000 Canadian dollars for damages.

The protagonist of this story Chris Ashter, owner of an agricultural business at Swift CurrentSaskatchewan, who sent this emoji to the seller in 2021.

When it came months later, Ashtar did not accept receiving the linen and for this reason a criminal case was instituted against him.

“I’m convinced, on the balance of probabilities, that Chris either gave the green light or He agreed to the contract As he did before, except this time he used an emoji,” the judge said during sentencing.

“in my opinion, Satisfy your signature requirements with cool emojis Out of Chris and his unique mobile phone.

During the trial, Ashtar stated this He sent the code “only to indicate that he has received the contract, but not to say it is OK”.

The unusual trial led to an exhaustive investigation to find out what the thumbs up symbols meant.

information from the agencies.


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