Freedom Voice: Why “Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To See It”?


Will this movie face censorship from Hollywood and other powerful organizations? Here we answer this question.

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Freedom’s voice It is a film that has since sparked controversy on many social networking accounts and platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, There’s talk of “Hollywood doesn’t want you to see it,” but is it true? Below we answer this question.

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Is it true that “Hollywood doesn’t want you to see” The Voice of Freedom?

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for a start, This claim is false because The Sound of Liberty was already released in the United States Also, it already has a release date in many countries around the world, such as Mexico and Colombia to name a few.

So this concept “The Hollywood They Don’t Want You To See” is part of their marketing campaign Which arose from the fact that the film was ready to be shown in theaters two years earlier, but from the fact that it was an independent film and that Fox, the distributor who was going to release it to theaters, was bought out by Disney, the tape was left in a kind of limbo.

For this reason, it was not until recently that Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui’s company, Angel Studios, had purchased his distribution rights outside the United States, until the film was finally shown in theaters worldwide, due to Its commercial success in the US since the tape cost about $14 million and has already collected more than 45.

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The Sound of Freedom’s aggressive marketing has been a success

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The issue of aggressive marketing of El Sonido de la Libertad has been taken up by Tiktoker Javier Ibarreche Who described it as the film being independent and not having a large budget for its marketing campaign, decided to promote it through newscasts in the United States, many of which are conservative.

And that campaign, combined with the film’s difficulty in distributing outside the United States, was that It fueled rumors that the tape was being censoredwhich in turn aroused great interest for people to watch.

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It even started saying that neither Amazon nor Netflix wanted to show it because its theme would “show an unknown side of Hollywood” but the real reason behind that These platforms do not pass it on, because there are already companies that have paid for the distribution rights in cinemasAnd the. And you, are you going to see the sound of freedom?

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