How is the relationship between Mexico and Qatar after the 2022 World Cup?

It is known that file world to soccer It is a sporting event of enormous scale, which not only brings together the best teams from around the world, but also appears as a an opportunity to narrow the links And strengthening international relations between different countries.

That was the case The State of Qatarwhich was the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup experienced transformation Before, during and after the tournament. With your consideration relationship with Mexico As one of the highlights thanks to the World Cup.

The importance of the relationship between Mexico and Qatar

In an interview with half the timediplomatic representative in charge of business, Hamad the ownerWe shared the different reasons behind it Mexico he great nation to The State of Qatar And how they managed to maintain a privileged relationship for 47 years.

What is the importance of the United Mexican States to Qatar?

Mexico It is an important country for Qatar in Diplomatic termsAnd cultural and economic. We at the Embassy work in cooperation with the Mexican authorities to Promoting Arab and Mexican culture within the country“.

What is the scope of bilateral relations between Mexico and Qatar? How can it be improved?

Mexico And Qatar diplomatic relations during Over 47 years old We are currently working to promote the culture of both countries.”

As a diplomat, what do you enjoy most about Mexican culture?

“I think that Mexican culture embodied powerAnd diversity and the rich heritage of its history. I have traveled across many states of the republic. The culture is different in the north and south of the country, I like cculture Mexican Because very big And strong“.

“the meal He is very rich In Mexico because it is very different Taste it. Trust me, I’ve worked in other countries before, but the food in Mexico is very, very good. In terms of tourism, I also managed to visit many places. I’ve been to Taxco (Guerrero), and also to Tabasco. I really enjoy the Mayan cultureSo I went to many states in the south (Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Tabasco) to learn more about that culture.”

What are the activities of the Qatari embassy in the future?

We have many plans for the future, and our agenda is full activities And events that almost We will announce.

Qatar after the World Cup

For its part, Qatar, already a country rich in culture and traditions, was able to realize impact in the long run of world Leave in their lands. Building modern infrastructures, modern stadiums, and improving transport links are just some aspects of the tangible legacy of the 2022 World Cup.

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It should be noted that these investments not only contributed to the promotion of the country’s development, but also achieved position to The State of Qatar K An attractive tourist destinationHe is open to cultural diversity.

Regarding the relationship with Mexico, the world turned out to be catalyst to Strengthening bilateral relations who are already 47 years old. During the international tournament, the Mexican and Qatari teams showed sportsmanship and passion for football. In the same way, the presence of the Mexican masses left a special flavor even for the Qatari citizens themselves.

On the other hand, the last Mexico national team in The State of Qatar succeeded in generating greater interest in The country as a tourist destination to residents of Mexico. So the beauty of its landscapes, the hospitality of its people and the richness of its culture have intrigued many people who already consider Qatar as their next holiday destination.

How will Qatar help Mexico by 2026?

Likewise, Mexico and Qatar have worked together in various fields such as Economic cooperationhe tourism and the education. The World Cup provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in key sectors, especially considering that the next tournament will be held in Canada, the United States and Mexico in 2026.

This is why both countries (Mexico and Qatar) have promoted the cooperation in areas like Energy, construction, technology and tourism. At the same time, the presence of businessmen and representatives of the two countries in parallel competition events opened doors for business expansion and mutual investment opportunities.

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Finally under the cultural section The State of Qatar Hectare subscriber for him rich culture With Mexico through ExhibitionsAnd festivals And activities that allowed Mexican citizens to enter their world. From art shows, films, or food taste quizzes, these events have strengthened cultural ties and fostered greater understanding between the two countries.

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