The Argentine government proposes Cecilia Todesca Poco to head the Islamic Development Bank | Elections will be held on November 20

The Argentine government will propose to Cecilia Todesca BocoThe current Secretary for International Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic American Development Bank (Islamic Development Bank). This was confirmed by official sources from Paris, where the president is located. Alberto Fernandez next to the advisor Santiago Cafiero and the rest of the small retinue who, after participating in the Peace Forum in Paris, will travel to Indonesia for the G20. The significance of this position lies in the fact that the Islamic Development Bank is the main development bank in the region and a very important source of external financing for the country.

I’m looking for a replacement for Clavier Caron

This Friday was the deadline for the member states of the bank to register their candidates after the dismissal of the American Mauricio Claver Carone. The previous title was promoted by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, He was fired from his position at a meeting of Islamic Development Bank governors after investigation results showed that Karon had been in a romantic relationship with an employee who also benefited financially from large salary increases on several occasions.

The former official was at the center of the scene in the middle of this year in our country because months ago he prevented the disbursement of more than $ 500 million in the middle of the exchange crisis, even though the funds matched credits already approved by an agency. after assuming Serge Massa As economy minister, Caron agreed to the payments he had previously refused because he said Argentina was “insolvent”.

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Cecilia Todesca Pocco is nominated for the Islamic Development Bank

The new president of the bank will be elected on November 20 Within the framework of the conservative summit to be held in Washington. Over the past days there has been speculation that the candidate could be Massa, but from the president’s environment on Thursday night they had already denied this version and asserted that the candidate would be a woman. Cecilia Todesca Boco She is a UBA economist with a master’s degree in public administration from Columbia University, and before serving as the Secretary of International Economic Relations at the State Department, she worked as the Deputy Chief of Staff at Santiago Cafiero. At the moment, Todesca Bocco is in Paris with the chancellor and the president.

What remains now is whether the Argentine candidate will eventually remain in the position. They trust the government with great potential, but make it clear that it remains to be seen what definition the district chiefs take and the candidates who support them. For Brazil, he wants to keep the position Ilan Goldfein, A candidate promoted by the head of a country that recently lost an election, Jair BolsonaroAlthough it is expected that although he does not explicitly support him, this will not hinder his candidacy either. They also gave their applicants Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwith whom Fernandez has a good relationship and will appear on November 24 and in Chile Gabriel Borek.

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