A 60-year-old man was vaccinated 90 times against Covid-19 for selling vaccination certificates

A 60-year-old man from Germany They have been vaccinated multiple times against Covid-19 in order to have proof of vaccination and Sell ​​it to people who don’t want to be vaccinatedaccording to German government authorities on Sunday afternoon.

Reportedly, the person who hails from Magdeburg and whose name has been withheld due to German privacy regulations He received about 90 doses at the various vaccination centers in Saxony. He was recognized when he appeared for the second day in a row in one of these centers, located in the city of Ellenburg.

Until now, The person has not been arrested but is being investigated For the unauthorized issuance of vaccination certificates and for falsification of public and / or official documents. Besides, the police confiscated several blank records and initiated criminal proceedings.

It has also not been disclosed. The effects that the application of such a number of vaccines may have on their healthwhich were produced by different companies. Although the situation may seem strange, it is not the first case of this type to be reported within the European country.

police force They have already carried out many operations associated with falsification of records. This is due to the large number of Germans who deny the seriousness of the epidemic, but at the same time want to have proof of vaccination to be able to enter bars, restaurants or swimming pools.

Daily cases in the Western European country They have been on the rise for several weeks. However, Several restrictions were lifted due to the infectious disease on Friday. Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in supermarkets or in theaters, but on public transport routes.

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It is also not necessary to use it in most schools in the country, which has prompted various teachers’ associations to warn of potential conflicts.

“On the one hand, there is a risk that Children who wear masks are harassed and humiliated as weak“On the other hand, there is a risk of increasing pressure against those who do not wear them,” said Heinz-Peter Medinger, president of the German Teachers’ Union.

Meidinger has been in favor of both teachers and students who voluntarily wear face masks in schools, at least until Easter.

With regard to cases, experts note that the latest wave of infection is due to the variant of omicron BA. 2, which seems to have already reached the highest point. In the last 24 hours, the German CDC It has reported a total of 74,053 new cases of coronavirus.

Less than a week ago, the same monitoring body reported about 111,224 new daily infections. However, the reported number is usually lower during the weekends. Finally, and regarding deaths, Germany 130,029 deaths recorded from COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak.

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