He wanted to enter the United States, but agents discovered something on his phone and blocked him from going through

Mexican Sofia Nieto and I thought I would enjoy the holidays Summer with the kids she took care of while working as a nanny in New York a few years ago, but An error in passing the migration security tests prevented you from fulfilling your wish. apparently, The officers prevented her from entering because they considered her suspicious Because of his experience, he gave advice to other foreigners about what should not be done when wanting to enter the North American country.

It was through his account on TikTok @Soveneto 7 Where Sophia mentioned it She already had everything ready for her journey and was so excited to see the little ones againbut when she arrived in Dallas, Texas, a city on the border with Mexico, where immigrants usually arrive, everything fell apart because they wouldn’t let her pass.

The policeman asked the young woman to go to the famous “little room”, where foreigners call the room where they take people to meet, and subsequently decide whether they are deported to their country, or they will intervene with some kind of punishment or simply clarify their legal status. at that moment, Nerves invaded herBecause he knew something was wrong.

They deported her for the details they found on her cell phone

What was not expected is that During the interrogation, they will check her cell phone and find enough evidence to return her to Mexico.. It was here that tiktoker gave the keys to the “cultural gap”, as she called it, that exists between each country and claimed that for this reason they had withdrawn her visa.

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Sophia recounted that when the immigration officer checked the cell phone, Found some text messages that show she’s been working on US soil for a while: “We use WhatsApp and text to Americans, and since I don’t text, I forgot there were some who said I work there.”

The young woman did not specify whether she was working under the au pair programme, or give details of whether she was working under the au pair programme Got the job on a tourist visa or independently. Although he shared his case in 2021, he confirmed it This type of message on cell phone It can be a major factor in denying anyone entry to the country or withdraw your visa.

Traveling to the US even with a valid visa can be risky for manyinformative

Upon arrival at the border, it is Customs and Border Protection officers who determine how long a person can stay within North American territory, so Breaking the rules will result in irreparable penalties.

Being in the US for longer than is allowed, the call will pile up.”Illegal presenceThat is, an unauthorized stay even if the visa is still valid. Regarding penalties, they are categorized according to the severity of the offense, but the most common is the State Department in web page:


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