The amazing human-like robot that has spread quickly

Image of the article It's Real It's Scary: The Amazing Human-Like Robot That Goes Viral

“If we want human-like artificial intelligence, we will need a human-like artificial body”: this is the motto Engineered Arts, a robotics company that surprised everyone with its latest innovation: Humanoid robotic creature What is that able to show some Facial expressions are so sophisticated that they give in… horrified.

Very annoying to see How is this robot – who was baptized as AmecaHe arches his invisible eyebrows, and his eyes widen As a sign of surprise or that he is extending a friendly hand that he might be able to hide His desire to end all mankind. The accuracy with which a robot can imitate human gestures is simply impressive.

The main goal of Ameca is to be a platform for the development of artificial intelligence“Its creators explained.”We love designing and building robots, and we leave them to you and others Smart brains are tasked with creating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and knowing how far we can go together with this Technique.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen how robots are like humans Try Mimic human physical expressions, but few of them were as successful as Ameca. It arrives This degree of imitation precision led to the creation of this English company Almost 20 years of development, but judging by the result it seems to be worth the hard work.

engineers Engineered Arts has announced that we will have the opportunity to see their robot in action again the following those 2022, the world’s most important technology fair, Which will be held only one month from now. hello and Who is the You know, maybe one day we’ll see Amica junto Will Smith employment sequel to I’m a robot.

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