Joe Biden announces new measures against Omicron’s variable expansion | The US President launches his winter campaign calling for unity

President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a winter campaign against covid-19 with New test requirements for overseas travelers, Including Test a day ago, and the Obligation to use chinstraps in internal transport, plus a Increase vaccination efforts. Amidst the concern of the dangers Variable expansion Omicron, Biden is seeking to show initiative to prevent the pandemic from eroding the country’s economic recovery and the end of the year.

Urging the nation (and his political opponents in particular) to rally behind the strategy, Biden unveiled a series of measures designed to slow the spread of the virus in the coming months. With Ómicron spreading all over the world, Only two cases have been reported in the United StatesThe second is a Minnesota man with no history of domestic travelnew citizens, indicating that the strain is already widespread within the country.

“It’s a plan that I think should bring us together.”, She said Biden, who spoke from the headquarters of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) outside Washington. “and I know that COVID-19 has been deeply divisive. In this country it has become a political issue which is a sad reality. The Democratic president emphasized that it wasn’t the case, but it was, adding, “Now that we’re entering winter and facing the challenges of this new format, we have to leave this division behind.”

Measures include the requirement that All incoming international travelers are tested for coronavirus one day before flyingWhether they are Americans or foreigners and regardless of their vaccination status. For domestic travelers, Biden announced an extension of the requirement to wear chin braces on planes, trains and other public transportation until mid-March.

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And the White House chief warned of the possibility of more infections as temperatures drop and meetings increase due to the Christmas holiday. Despite efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated, About 40 percent of the country is not yet fully vaccinated About 110 million people eligible for booster injections have not yet been immunized.

Officials said an increase in the promotion of vaccines and their boosters will be launched, with a nationwide campaign targeting public health care recipients called Medicare.

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