Stroll’s 9 in Canada is an “amazing achievement” for Aston Martin F1

Fernando Alonso managed to be the second fastest driver in qualifying and repeat his pole position at the Canadian Grand Prix, while his teammate, Lance Stroll, was unable to go over 13th place on Saturday and also received a three-time penalty. Ocon during one of the fastest laps.

Already in the race, the Canadian driver’s clear goal was to get back into the points zone but his career was uphill at the start. one of Aston Martin He started 16th and in the early laps he traffic struggled to climb a few places, but unfortunately Stroll was called to change his tires one lap before George Russell crashed his Mercedes and brought out the safety car.

This greatly hurt Negl Lawrence Picnic It benefited the vast majority of riders around him, as they were able to enter the pits and lose less time. but, The Canadian did not give up and fought with all his might until he crossed the checkered flag in ninth place.

green team manager Mike CrackStroll saved two points with a “very good drive”. He explained, “He got caught up in traffic and when he had some clean air, he set the pace for the difficulties. But in those situations it’s easy to get caught up in the DRS trains.”

Going from 16th to 9th is quite an achievement. Of course, you can compare it to his team-mate, who finished second, and it doesn’t look very positive, but looking at where he started I think it’s a very good result.”

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Krack noted that the safety car entered the track one turn after his first pit stop, which caused him to lose time: “I think in the end I was happy, especially because He was unlucky with the safety car who came on a lap after changing tyres, causing him to lose two positions.”

It makes no sense to complain about your final position for all of that. That’s the way racing works, you have to make the most out of every situation and he did. I’m so glad he ran a race like this after yesterday [la clasificación del sábado]’, admitted the Aston Martin manager.

The Luxembourg manager believes this return will give the Canadian a morale boost, and a lot is expected of them on the next high-speed tracks: “He will focus on the positive from here and how.” He’s particularly good on high speed tracks and there are several around the corner that I’m sure he’ll score a lot of points onconcluded Mike Krack, who clearly referred to tracks such as the Austrian Grand Prix which takes place next weekend.

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