Mexican sells piñatas in Canada after finding out they look ugly there Grupo Milenio

By broadcasting a video on the entertainment platform Tik Tokbecame known The story of a woman who decides to start a new life in Canada.

The interesting thing about this video is that the woman narrates that thanks to the advice of someone she met on the plane, she now has a great job, which also covers a need in that country.

“The lady who came next to me asked me where I came from and I told her ‘Mexican’ and she told me: ‘You have to sell piñatas (…) You have to sell piñatas because the ones over here are awful,’” the woman said.

In addition, he revealed that once he obtained his residency in that country, he remembered that woman’s advice, so he started thinking of selling the piñata.

“So I went looking for some Mexican stores, and this is what I found here in Montreal of piñatas made right here in this country. When I saw this I said ‘it’s my business opportunity.'”

One of her motivations for starting this business was that she wanted the people of that country to discover how “beautiful the piñatas are in Mexico”.

Unfortunately, the first challenge was getting the materials, because it was very expensive there and they didn’t have the materials to start their own business.

“I went to a lot of stores and really there was nothing colorful, and it was also very expensive.”

Fortunately, her husband’s nephew was traveling to Canada, so she asked him to bring her materials over from Mexico; Upon receiving the input, this female entrepreneur was able to continue her great project.

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The first pinata I offered was made for the Day of the Dead festival, where an altar was made and a Catrina pinata was also made and placed.

And people started asking a lot about piñatas, and that’s when I realized it was really a business and lo and behold, I still make piñatas! “

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