Still: A Movie About Michael J Fox What It’s About And Where To Watch It

Still: a film about Michael J. Fox is the newest documentary film built around it the actorwho has long since retired from a screenHowever, his legacy continues to this day. This is obvious because it is film It is not only about his work, but also about the legendary life of the actorHe is perhaps best known today for his humanitarian work.

In fact, it is known nowadays Michael J Fox for his work Activist And his work in search of a cure for him Parkinson’s disease, Diagnosed when he was just 29 years old, it completely changed his career, affecting his job prospects, making it difficult to memorize his dialogues, reducing his public appearances, and even giving him temporary problems with alcohol abuse. But even in this gloomy picture, which won the admiration of many, Michael J Fox He decided to invest his energy in activity to treat Parkinson’s disease. For this reason, in 2000 he created the Michael J. Fox Foundation, a foundation dedicated to providing support for the investigation of this matter illnessWhich is the second largest research donor in the United States after the government, according to Forbes magazine.


This and other details of his life and work are reflected in the documentary Still: A Film About Michael J Fox, So if you want to know how a diagnosis can completely change a person’s life, but the odds of reinventing themselves as they are, by great example, you can’t miss it. film.

Where to see still: a movie about Michael J. Fox?

Still: a film about Michael J. Fox It’s an Apple TV production that you can watch on the streaming service.

Other information about the documentary


Marty McFly is one of his most famous characters.

around Still: a film about Michael J. Fox It also confirms that at all times the actor I stepped in and reduced the tone of the film so that it doesn’t fall into something too dramatic, but rather a story of hope and renewal that can inspire people.

In addition, it is a unique testimony, in that she interviews him directly, and he is willing to tell what he went through with intimacy and honesty.

Michael J Fox Films

Perhaps one of the most memorable roles in Michael J Fox She is the character of Marty McFly in the trilogy Back to the future, whose VHS is now worth a fortune. He is also known for playing with Alex P. Keaton family ties, A role for which he won three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award, in addition to playing Mike Flaherty in it Spinning city, for which he won an Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and two SAG Awards. Since 2020 announced Retire from acting due to complications Parkinson’s diseasebut you can also remember his work in offers sound like Little Stuart And Atlantis.

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