They revealed the ingenious trick they used to prevent their motorcycles from being stolen and went viral

Tired of the constant motorcycle thefts in Bogota and other Colombian cities, some motorcyclists Various measures have been taken To prevent thieves from taking your transport while it is parked and locked.

Regarding this issue, in recent days, some pictures of how Two robbers tried to ride a motorcycle which was parked in front of the house in Bosa town.

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The solution they did after the thefts

The security cameras of the Strip recorded the moment one of the criminals approached the car. He forces the ignition on, turns the motorcycle on and takes it away.

What thieves did not count on is The safety lock on the car is on its rear wheel. At this moment, try to get off the stranded platform He went down to earth with everything and a motorbike Because of the safety accessory.

Attempted motorcycle theft on a street in Bogota, Photo: City Tv

In the photos it was possible to see how the offender at the time of the fall Grave motorbike parked in place.

Realizing that he cannot achieve his goal, the thief He got on his partner’s motorcycle and they both escaped Place.

And little by little motorcyclists find Formula to avoid theft Of their chariots it comes to Famous security locks Which can be easily found at any motorcycle accessory dealer.

This item comes with a built-in alarm clock, which The sound begins the moment they try to force the motorbike, reportedly citytv. This article It must be placed in one of the holes in the brake disc. from one of the tires so that the lock blocks the tire when it accelerates.

Thieves escaping on a motorcycle. Photo: private file

Miguel Alfonso, a motorcycle accessories salesman, explained to News how useful and necessary locks are when it comes to preventing theft. “It’s for motorcycle discs and has an alarm that, depending on use, lasts from 6 months to a year.”

Although they are not reliable, a lock is not a complete guarantee of preventing thieves from stealing a motorcycle. Some motorcyclists We advise that this vehicle is not left improperly parked on sidewalks or streets, Because criminals can take it in minutes.

Others indicate that the best is to always have a padlock or chain on hand, Although it is better to leave it in the parking lot.

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