Colombians expelled from the US continue to denounce cruel and degrading treatment: ‘They chained us like dogs’

Yesd Marulanda cries after arriving with other Colombian migrants deported from the United States at the airport in Bogota, Colombia, Thursday, May 11, 2023. The Colombian immigration authority said 209 Colombians were brought on a charter flight from the US border. and Mexico. AP/John Vizcaino

after landing Bogota From the second trip with Deportation of 137 Colombians from the United States On the morning of Thursday, May 11, many returning citizens continued to denounce ill-treatment and violations of their human rights by the US authorities.

One of the Colombian immigrants deported on the first flight that arrived in Bogotá on Wednesday morning, May 10, denounced it in front of cameras. Snail News that He spent more than 10 days without being allowed to shower.

“The first day we arrived, they showered us after that They didn’t let us shower againWe’ve gone 11 days without a shower, without anything, They didn’t give us underwearheMen’s underwear was like women’s thongsthat’s what they gave him, that they put us and watched us 24 hours a day, ” The Colombian immigrant told the Bogotá Newsletter that he prefers to protect his identity.

Immediately after, his compatriot told the aforementioned outlet, even, the US authorities Handcuffed and feet.

“They were waiting for us It was chains and handcuffsand we They tied us like dogs and put us all in chains on a bus in front of our children And that’s how they put us on the plane and that’s how they brought us to Bogota, From the waist to the feet and from the waist to the handsWe can’t do anything.”Colombian male b Snail News.

A photo of some of the 44 families deported from the United States who arrived on a second flight on the morning of Thursday, May 11, 2023. / Columbia Migration
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Manuel GarzonAnother Colombian expelled from the United States confirmed the situation. In an interview with Las Americas newspaperHis countryman confirmed that on the flight he was sent to Colombia “He was bound hand and foot.”.

“Honestly, by trying to find help, I didn’t think they could treat a human being like that, or take them to such a low level.”Garzon voiced to US media.

bogotá news bulletin, citytvShe also collected the testimony of another woman who denounced receiving treatment “humiliating” by US authorities, while awaiting her deportation with her minor children.

According to their testimony, once they were arrested by US officials, they kept close proximity to them 10 days in prisonwhere they were fed Water, potatoes, apples and even “black bread” Causing stomach problems.

In addition, tell the aforementioned newsletter that Handcuffed, neck, hands and feetand the They tied their stomachs Before boarding a plane to Colombia without being informed in advance that they will be deported back to their country of origin.

A Colombian migrant cries after arriving with other Colombian migrants deported from the United States at the airport in Bogotá, Colombia, Thursday, May 11, 2023. 209 Colombians were brought on a charter flight from the US border, Colombia’s immigration authority said. Mexico. AP/John Vizcaino

The woman, seeing that she and her family are being treated like “criminals”, She objected to the officers handcuffing her minor children, which prompted the US authorities to use force against her and her husband. “They laughed at us”assured his compatriot in an interview with Bogota News.

“The treatment of women was appalling, they insulted us”The woman added to Citytv.

Even the poor conditions endured by Colombians deported from the United States have been decried before Colombia’s Director General of Immigration, Fernando García, Who in the same newsletter talked about the arrival of many minors who came on flights ‘very bad conditions’.

“There were children who arrived in very bad conditions, They arrived vomiting and had a strong coughThese minors are being taken care of.” He made Garcia known for his mediocrity.

After the second flight of deported nationals arrived in Bogotá, Colombia’s Director General of Immigration confirmed that talks with the United States would continue. “Until the Safety of returning Colombians can be guaranteed by the US authorities..

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