Star Citizen strives for such a level of fidelity that even sheets will realistically wrinkle

Cloud Imperium Games has shared an update to some of the research and development processes used in Squadron 42.

Ambitious space simulator players They had to be patient With 42 . squadroncampaign with stature Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson He still has a long time to see the light. However, Cloud Imperium Games has not stopped sending out updates on its development and some details are quite surprising.

This is the case of sincerity work that study Sharewhich was repeated GamesRadar +. Cloud Imperium Games has acknowledged carrying out meticulous research and development work for Realistic representation of leaf movement From the family in the 42nd Squadron, the path they will depart after the night and the various events that may occur.

It will allow AI to distort your sheets when entering, leaving or sleepingCloud Empire games“We knew from the start that to achieve the accuracy we expect for Sq42, We will need to work on some research and development to counterfeit the panelsThe studio explained, “This work is currently underway and, if successful, will allow artificial intelligence to distort your papers when you enter, exit or sleep on them. This is one Challenging mission It increases the complexity of the job. For example, what happens to the sheets if the AI ​​needs to get out of bed in an emergency? “

In this same update, the study also talks about details like Use of the recreational machineThey were going to implement a new feature where, instead of triggering the joystick animation, the joystick is attached to the NPC’s hand and moves when they do so. Cloud Imperium Games is also working on New features and animations like executions Dramatic, recreated with motion capture.

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Citizen image star

Regarding the progress of artificial intelligence, details such as new ways in which Ships will leave the planets on their voyages out of the atmosphere, taking into account the best direction to perform a planetary leap. I might care too Character movement when pushing cartsand avoid other characters while performing this job.

Work on AI animation also includes social areas, Seeks to bring more life to campaign facilities. In the face aspect, there have been many improvements in character animation, with teams of Motion capture Work alongside narrative and play teams.

CIG participated in the effort to pay attention to details such as the animation of NPCs when riding the tram, standing properly And stick to the handrail. This will be part of the history of the game, which was developed during the month of April New motion capture action for chapter one. As you can see, there are many details that strive for maximum realism within the game, but unfortunately, we’ll keep seeing. What we can already enjoy is the latest update of the game, which is Alpha 3.17, which brought item sales and ship-to-ship refueling to the simulator, among other new features.

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