New WhatsApp emojis: brown fungus, broken chain and lime lime

WhatsApp users will be able to enjoy a variety of new emojis. (Unsplash)

The Unicode Consortium, which is charged with setting the international standard for emojiis preparing to launch its annual update with a selection of The WhatsApp Which will soon be available on both devices android how iOS.

standard Emoji 15.1.2 Update Set to be launched in September, the proposals are being reviewed through a draft submitted to the consortium, which will be responsible for validating each of them.

Emojipedia has given a file Peek at the upcoming icon designs Which will be available for mobile devices in late 2023 and early 2024. The wide range of options includes smiley faces, animals, and various representations of people.

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In this selection, there are various and representative emojis, among which are:

WhatsApp users will be able to enjoy a variety of new emojis. (emojipedia)

One represents a horizontal head nod (which for many is a sign of denial).

Vertically nodded emoji (emphasis sign).

Phoenix bird, which represents resilience and rebirth.

Lemon, which will increase the variety of food-related emojis.

Brown mushroom, a new addition to the nature emojis element.

A broken chain, representing interruptions or separations.

Hardware exception Microsoft are the new familiar emoji, which have been supported in silhouette form for several years now.

The intent of Unicode is that these new files Family emoji It’s added to keyboards in a similar way to Bust in Silhouette and Silhouette, but it’s up to each emoji provider (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.) if they follow this design directive.

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In addition to the ten emoji concepts listed above, the shortlist also includes directional versions for six different types of people, for a total of 108 new icons When considering modifiers of skin color and gender variables.

Emojipedia showcases potential images, designed by Joshua Jones, Head of Emoji Design. These creations are designed in bright colors and are inspired by emojis and designs of current people from manzanawhich has been inverted for illustration purposes.

Previously, the company offered its own set of sample designs for the new non-directional additions, In Style Google Note Color Emoji. However, there is no guarantee that these builds will match those that will be deployed on Android devices via the browser feed.

WhatsApp users will be able to enjoy a variety of new emojis. (emojipedia)

As a result, Apple and other vendors may select unique designs for new emoji for people who do so Determine the direction (with an arrow)instead of just flipping your existing layouts like it was done before.

It is worth noting that each list, being a preliminary list, is subject to change prior to final approval in September 2023. In previous years, it was The final final list Remained the same, the emoji that were displayed from 2019 are included in the recommendations.

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Likewise, users have to be patient, because their availability will depend exclusively on the updates provided before Google And manzana. The latter is expected to launch the new emojis in the first half of the year 2024while for the Android operating system, it could be available in the last quarter of the same year.

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The emoji revolution Communication in social networks It provided a practical and direct way to express feelings. Although there are many icons available, there is always room for new characters. This wide variety gives users more options to express familiar feelings, attitudes, and representations in their conversations and messages.

the attachments They are clip art or animated pictures, larger and more detailed than emoji Convey emotions, add fun, and capture the essence of chats.

Some of them have become particularly popular in applications such as The WhatsApp And there are apps that allow you to create them using your own materials.

many of attachments Most popular originated from Viral memes On social networks, such as the case of the Korean girl who has become an icon thanks to her strange expressions and gestures, she captures emotional and everyday reactions, producing fascinating materials related to human life.

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