Spider-Man Miles Morales receives a new patch on PS5 that improves the quality of its ray tracing

Insomniac Games does not forget about the Wall-crawler and is updating the game more than half a year after its release.

In Insomniac Games they are the ones who don’t stop. They were released very recently Ratchet and Clank: A Dimension Apart for PS5 And just a few hours ago they added a file The patch that improves performance up to 120fps. But they do not forget Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the game that accompanied the launch of the new generation console of Play Station, which also provides a new update with visual improvements.

It is the main addition to the new patch of the gameWhile we might think they’ve already forgotten a game that’s been behind them for over half a year, the North American studio has just updated their Spider-Man adventure to Version 1.10. It includes many changes and fixes, but the most notable is Improved ray tracing reflections As long as we use graphics mode, which prioritizes visual quality over performance.

Certainly with this change, many of you are encouraged to give the game a spin or settle outstanding debts and get the platinum trophy. remember it Miles Morales is a self-executing expansion of the game released in 2018, whose content is shorter, but with the technical strength to prove what the PS5 can do.

If you want to know more about everything this adventure has to offer, don’t miss it Spider-Man Miles Morales movie review, which we class as a game “with the same spirit of offering us endless entertainment to spend a lot of time busy, but also the feeling that with more ambition we could have had a great game”.

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