“You don’t have to buy more Chinese vaccines, there is evidence that they are the least effective”

recognized Neurologist Konrado Estol, stranded New York distance Government Imposed Restrictions To limit the entry of passengers into the country, the measure was criticized and Request not to buy more Chinese vaccines Because “there is evidence that it is the least effective”, even before the delta variant appeared.

I will not buy more from Sinopharm. There is strong evidence on the planet led by data from Seychelles, Mongolia, Chile and Uruguay, the countries with the highest number of vaccinations, which showed that the Chinese vaccines for Sinovac and Sinopharm were already much less effective before the advent of Delta.” miter radio.

His statement came from the doctor’s criticism of the government’s actions in the face of the emergence of a new, more contagious type.

In this regard, confirmed that ‘There is no rationale’ To restrict flights from the US, he said, “cancellations are easy and have a huge impact on uninformed people,” but what you need to do is “get tested quickly, buy vaccines early and get vaccinated.”

“One can take care of the wild frontier, let’s look Uruguay And the avalanche of the Manaus variant received. He also counted flights from Latin America, which is the epicenter of the epidemic, as it includes 5% of the world’s population and 25% of deaths from the epidemic. But from the United States, where North Americans and Argentines have been vaccinated with the best vaccines in the world, knowing that Delta is the current problem, they not only leave a dose to Argentines who cannot travel, but They arrive immunized with something that costs the virus a lot more to conquerEstol, who said he has been in the US for a month and a half, criticized Estol.

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Continuing in the same vein, he affirmed that the world is divided between countries that “a large part of their population has been vaccinated with a complete plan and can defend themselves” and those that “have not been vaccinated like Argentina, As cases and deaths will increase a lots”.

“Delta is the first variant to spread globally. Alpha, UK, was 40% more infectious than the original variant. Delta 40% more contagious than alpha. This makes it more lethal. He pointed out that the easier it is to transmit, the more people will be infected, and there is always a percentage that will catch a severe version of the disease and die.”

He explained his theory a little more further: “The vaccination ratio is very important. Those vaccinated with up to 30% of the population have three times the incidence per 100,000 inhabitants than those with 60%. That is why we see that the United Kingdom, which has 85% of its population with a single dose and 60% of its two doses, and it has 99% delta now, has a higher number of infections with minimal hospitalization”

“At the other end are Russia and Indonesia, which are very little vaccinated and are in chaos, like Africa,” he added. He explained that “in the United States, which is under control, there is a delta effect that stopped the decline in the infection and started to rise a little.”

For this reason, Estol asked the government to buy Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, Do not forget NovavaxCovered vaccine, no side effects, showed 90% efficacy for trips to the USThey need to be multiplied by five so that more people can get their vaccinations They have much better immunity.”

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“Increasing testing on the way back and imposing home quarantine seems ideal to me. But no vaccination or incomplete vaccination as happens in Argentina Puts us at the best stage for more deaths“, is over.


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