Shrimp and Halloween scare game in New York

squid game They broke all records Netflix It has established itself as a global outcry. With the launch a few weeks after HalloweenIt was clear that many costumes would be associated with this South Korean production. The problem is that in some areas of the United States they are concerned about what it might entail, especially for the children who have sat down to watch this series.

Although the Netflix indexed squid game As a story for adults, there was no shortage of homes or children’s novels that played a few minutes. In fact, there have been reports around the world, from the UK to Australia, where it has been revealed that some kids have chosen this series to watch at home. Given this situation, it was expected that fiction would be the protagonist of Halloween.

from final date You mentioned that one of the most used hashtags is about fashion squid game. There were around 2,000 posts that grew 50% over the days and close to Halloween. The funny thing is that many of these kids wear the traditional red dress. That is why, in a school in the New York area, they made the decision to ban this wardrobe, due to the violent message of the series.

About Fayetteville Manlius School DistrictChildren will be prevented from trading this cupboard when they go out in their traditional search for sweets. The decision was communicated by the district supervisor, Craig Ticewho said USA Today It’s about the number of institutions that have noticed that there are many children “tradition” Violent Challenges squid game.

The country that is still fascinated by The Squid Game

Despite the dedication to squid game began to decline and production is no longer leading in many of the top ten countries that have NetflixThere are those who hesitate to leave this series in the past. So far, it is not known whether Hwang Dong Hyuk They will develop a second season of the series, but in Spain they do not care at least and are still happy with the first nine episodes.

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The series, which cost the platform about $ 21 million from the stars Hoyeon JungAnd Hey Young SooAnd Lee Jong JaeAnd Gong YuAnd Wee Ha JunAnd Lee Yo MiAnd Hee Soo ParkAnd Hyo Sung TaeAnd Kim Joo Ryung And Hyo Sung Tae. After more than a decade of development and a shortage of investors, Hwang I managed to drive red n This story focuses on 456 cash-strapped people who are exposed to violent and deadly games in order to win a big cash prize.

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