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President Gustavo Petro has confirmed that he will pass the proposal to remove the US visa for Colombians, but everyone knows that the said promise is not so simple. What it achieved is that the UK considered it and did it. Now that such a document is no longer needed, many Colombians have decided to familiarize themselves with tickets, accommodation, countries and other tourist things that may interest them.

As a result, just as there were Colombians who were interested or thinking about the possibility of going one day, there are others who decided to ridicule the situation, because they claim that many do not even visit neighboring countries that do not require a visa for a long time, to think “to cross the pond”.

For example, Twitter has been rated as the main social network in which Internet users discuss and mock these issues and make memes, revealing their creativity in one tweet or another.

Before we get started with our list of the best-watched memes so far, it’s worth noting that those who want to finally plan a trip later and learn about that country should know that the fact that Colombians don’t need a visa will come into effect, as of November 9, information disclosure. About her the British ambassador to Columbia, George Goodson.

“I am so poor that I didn’t even know they asked us for a UK visa”, “Petro couldn’t withdraw our UK visa, it was Veronica Alcocer when he went to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral”, “What a Chimba you don’t need Already need a visa to enter the UK now I just need the money “,” I’m looking for sincere friendship to go to the UK walking or swimming “.

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