The controversial moment when Hugo Sanchez qualified for his FIFA performance at the age of 90

Hugo Sanchez played for Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. (Photo: Quartoscuro)

Hugo Sanchez He is one of the most prominent football players who grew up Mexico. First appeared in Pumas from the National University Club, but ran United StateAnd Spain And Austria Because of his ability to play football. The famous player in real Madrid He has always been responsible for upholding the class he has demonstrated in the courts, even from his role as an analyst.

Old equipment such as San Diego SoccerAnd Atletico MadridAnd Vallecano RayAnd Lask LensAnd Dallas BurnsAnd AmericaAnd atlas And Athletic Celaya It provided moments to be remembered in the memory of the Mexican spectator. Despite the criticism, one of them was when he did a self-evaluation on the show hot football He decides what statistics he will put on his own FIFA.

in edition 2020, the company EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts He included it as one of his icons in his journey in White House. As a result, he became the second Mexican with this distinction after Louis Matador Hernandez. Typically, this designation allows a part of history’s most representative players to be recognized through three phases of their careers: beginnings, illustrious times, and retirement.

journalist Ricardo Puig He asked him about his numbers in terms of speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and fitness. These are the basic ingredients that average general evaluation From every athlete inside Annual football video game. Capital banner reactions generated instant media coverage.

Hugo Sanchez scored 208 goals in 282 matches for Real Madrid.  (Image: Twitter / @ApuntesdeRabona)
Hugo Sanchez scored 208 goals in 282 matches for Real Madrid. (Image: Twitter / @ApuntesdeRabona)

The man who won Four Picchichis With the meringue board he did not hesitate to win more than 90 points for each item; His honesty was not in doubt, hence he showed it again at that moment. In that space, thanks too Pumas For the rush it gave him to jump in Old Continent; a the Eagles, to allow them to return to Aztec circle maximumand developers FIFA to be included in Notable Persons.

“Well, the cadence, I also feel it as intensity, we can put a 95 on it. From the start of the game to the end of the game I was very involved (…) the shots, 99. That was my specialty, and even more so than the first intent. Pass, There I go at 92. (…) Dribbling, oh, here I am lame, Ricciardo; there I go to 90. Defense? He helped with set-pieces, hindered goalkeepers and defenders a lot (spoken while putting 90 on the electronic board).Physically Yes, there I want to get close not as much as shots (98 record), but I’ve stayed well and healthy for many years,” he emphasized.

Hugol He changed the ball for microphones, thus becoming a key piece for a team ESPN Sports. Specifically, through that streak, he did not neglect the opportunity to make sure that he wanted to return as a coach to Turf Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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As helm, he led college group. Managed by Mexico 68He won the championship twice in Final tournaments And Opening 2004after defeat chivas And Monterey. Moreover , Champion of Champions From that year when he finished it Pachuca. Among his other adventures on benches, The neaxa rays, The mexican national team, The Almeria Sports Federation and the Tozos from Bella Erosa.

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