She excitedly applied for a job as a waitress at a bar near her home, but the owner’s circumstances scared her off.

The chat between an aspiring waitress in a bar in Spain and her owner set the networks on fire (Image illustration, Getty)

Getting a job is usually not an easy task. In fact, it’s a bit complicated because sometimes the supply is scarce and the frustration of not being in the desired position causes all kinds of emotions. The gastronomic sector is one of the areas that constantly announces headhunting offers. But…under what circumstances? In recent months Complaints Subordinate Applicants for waiter jobs in bars or restaurantsWhich was conducted on social networks, sparked discontent among users of various platforms.

Soy Camarero’s account is one of the accounts that does not hesitate to share the workers’ claim and treatment of many Gastronomic entrepreneurs in Spain. This time A conversation Between one An aspiring waitress in a bar to Villarubia eyesa Spanish city in the province of Ciudad Real, in the autonomous community Castilla-La Mancha And the owner of the place.

The young woman interested in the job wrote a letter to find out the terms of employment. The owner of the place replied that payment would be made 1200 euros per month. But he added: “If you want Monday off, 160 euros less.”He explained to him and told him that if he agreed, he would close the contract immediately.

However, the young woman asked him about the timeline, as it was still unclear. The man told him it would be From 4 to 2.30 and on weekends from 4 to 4 am. The young woman who lives in the area tried to understand what the owner of the place was telling her, so she repeated the conditions to make sure that it was not a mistake.

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“I understand that if I wanted to have one day off a week (in this case Monday) I would be paid $1,040 instead of $1,200,” to which the businessman responded with a resounding “yes.” But the young woman went further: “Sorry if I ask you questions, it’s because I’m interested in the show because it’s very close to home. Can you tell me how many hours the contract will be, and if the hours will be paid outside the contract?“.

From there, everything turned hostile as the owner of the place explained a method that unleashed anger among Twitter users. “It will be 8 o’clock but it is a bar where few people go. I can’t pay more separately and you can’t sign up for more than 8 hours”He said.

The answer was immediate. The young woman was angry at the circumstances and said goodbye to a job that would have been useful to her because it was so close to her home, but she was clearly not prepared to allow herself to be insulted by the man. After asking him if it was a joke, he made a direct reference to his working conditions. “1,200 euros for working 74 hours a week. They are less than 4 euros an hour. But of course I can take a day off if I want. “It’s just a small bar,” he wrote sarcastically, detailing every point the businessman had written to him.

Before saying goodbye, he told him that if he didn’t make enough he should close the place. “You should be ashamed of wanting to make a living behind the backs of poor people looking for decent work. I sincerely hope you don’t find the person you are looking for. Have a wonderful and happy day.”He finished.

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Within hours, the post received more than half a million views and thousands of likes and retweets. User messages were a separate chapter because they were fed up with the mistreatment of workers in this sector in Spain.

“The person who suits him well in these circumstances is because he plans to steal from the cash register for a few months and then leave,” “The normal thing is to have two days off and work about 40 hours a week,” “These are the ones who complain that they can’t find People who want to work…”, “It is unfortunate that it is a de facto institutional order that the working hours in the sector exceed those indicated in the contract and their wages are paid under the table, or they are not paid directly”, “It is shameful. Knowing the pub You can file an anonymous report with Social Security. They take time but they do the inspections. These scams need to stop!

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