Victoria Vannucci sells ‘vegan choripán’ in the US: the video she promoted

After becoming the protagonist of many controversies, in 2016 Victoria Fanucci Go to the United States to start from scratch. There he graduated as a professional chef and started a company Environmentally friendly A sustainable restaurant. In the past few hours, the news was Back to the Argentine classic: they serve vegetarian choripán.

On his Instagram profile, he shared a video where he promoted his creativity. “Do you know what a choripan is? Well, it’s an Argentinian classic. And chimichurri. Corripan. A vegetarian choripan,” he said in English, looking into the camera, pretending to hypnotize the network users.

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As expected, the video did not go unnoticed among its followers: it has racked up thousands of Likes And comments of all kinds. “All the way, Chef“, “Love her, he is Sophia Loren from Choripan But in Venice Beach “, “The bread has not been toasted or passed over”were some of the messages he received.

The model has experienced a dramatic life change and has been recognized for her community work (Photo: instagram whoispachamama)

Victoria Vanucci has received an award in the US for her community work in her sustainable restaurants

In 2016, Fanucci’s signature was recognized by California Governor Gavin Newsom, who She highlighted the humanitarian and community assistance implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy and proud of the award, the businesswoman shared the postcard of the exact moment in which Nathan Fletcher, an important American politician representing Newsom firsthand, gave testimony and thanked her for the cooperation she provided in a difficult year to the entire world. ..

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Victoria Fanucci in social networks.  (take photo)
Victoria Fanucci in social networks. (take photo)

There he wrote: “Here at Pachamama we are grateful to Nathan Fletcher and the City of San Diego for their continued support of small businesses in difficult times. We commend your hard work and all the help you give us from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you, we are together and it makes us strong.” Everything is love in Pachamama“.

From hunter to protector: Victoria Fanucci has an eco-friendly business in the US

After the widespread rejection of his pictures dead animals As a trophy with Matías Garfunkel, the former tennis player broke up, settled in the United States and studied to become a chef. Along the way open a series of sustainable restaurants Who is known today in San Diego, where she lives.

Victoria Vanucci changed her image, name and lifestyle.  Photo: Facebook Vic Fanucci.
Victoria Vanucci changed her image, name and lifestyle. Photo: Facebook Vic Fanucci.

yesterday animal hunterToday, my protector, Vannucci spoke with the gate local magazine About what happened to him in 2016, when those gruesome photos surfaced alongside dead lions.

“When I saw myself in those pictures, I realized it It’s time for a serious change“It was there that he became interested in organic cooking and dedicated himself to producing food in an earth-friendly way,” he said of that pivotal moment that made him take a different path.

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