This new RPG is the perfect mix between Bioshock Infinite and Baldur’s Gate III

It is a new CRPG that mixes magic and technology in an interesting presentation.

New image for Arc Line game

After the massive success of Baldur’s Gate III, it looks like we’ll see More classic role-playing games From now on, or at least we will pay more attention to them than before the premiere of the new thing from Larian Studios. Although this is not the only reason behind the announcement New arc lineBut because it’s a game The art style is very similar to that of Bioshock Infinite. Until fantastical creatures start appearing, that is.

It’s a new classic RPG created by a half-Czech, half-Ukrainian studio called Dreamate Games, and as it happened after the announcement of Clockwork Revolution, the new thing from Inxile Entertainment, Steampunk aesthetic The industrial revolution at the beginning of the twentieth century. We mentioned XX right away Bioshock Infinite and its visual proposal.

Magic and technology in a promising indie role-playing game

However, aesthetics aside, New Arc Line’s gameplay proposition is not the same as Bioshock Infinite, as it mixes imagination and technology to shape the look. Classic role proposal This would have more to do with other exponents of the genre e.g Barren lands 3also from InXile Entertainment, or later Baldur’s Gate III, although this is a medieval fantasy story set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Take a look at its first trailer:

“New Arc Line takes place in a fictional world that is going through a technological revolution like the one that occurred in the twentieth century in the United States. It is a period of devastating change, and a great struggle between old powers and new orders,” we can read in The official website of the game.

At the moment there is no set release date for New Arc Line, but we know it It will arrive sometime in 2024 For PS5, Xbox Series

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