One of the most famous airlines in the world changed its name

“Turkey is the best representation and expression of culture, “The civilization and values ​​of the Turkish people,” the Turkish president said in December.

Among the most important reasons that focus on the meaning of the word “Turkey”: In English this means Turkey Worldwide, it refers to the bird traditionally associated with Christmas, New Year’s Day, or Thanksgiving in the United States and some European countries.

In the Cambridge English Dictionary, it is also defined as “something seriously wrong” or “a stupid or foolish person”.

The name “Turkey” (Turkey in English) no longer exists. “From now on we will write Türkiye Hava Yollari instead of Turkish Airlines on the fuselage of our aircraft,” the Turkish president said.

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The Turkish airline only uses the international name Turkish Airlines in its logo and branding, although it does use the new version in Turkish language texts.

Moreover, that’s why the brand “made in Turkey” It will cover the country and the exported products within a tourism campaign launched in January, which has its own slogan: Hello Turkey.

The Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department said it launched the campaign “to promote the effective use of the word ‘Turkey’ as the country’s national and international name on international platforms.”

Although modern, this name has not been invented now: it called itself “Turkish” when it declared independence in 1923.

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